3 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Dentures Repaired

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3 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Dentures Repaired

Dentures allow millions of people who once had issues with their teeth to eat, smile, and speak as though the problems never existed. In order to maintain that ability, however, dentures must be properly maintained.

Even when a person regularly cares for his or her dentures and takes all recommended steps needed, certain factors beyond his or her control can impact the effectiveness or even comfort of the dentures. In such cases, it is important to immediately have dentures repaired.

Three Types of Denture Problems

denture repairAny person who is experiencing discomfort with his or her dentures should not hesitate to discuss the issue with his or her dentist. In some cases, people may experience seemingly minor problems that they do not think are indicative of larger problems.

Three common issues people experience that could be signs of a need to have dentures repaired include:

  • Difficulty Chewing — while appearance is certainly an important factor for many people in seeking dentures in the first place, many others get dentures to improve their ability to eat naturally. Some people who notice sudden challenges in consuming certain kinds of foods may be quick to seek help, but many others mistakenly assume that newfound difficulties are simply the limitations of dentures. Your dentures should allow you to eat regular food like a regular person, and you should not hesitate to ask whether your dentures need to be repaired if you are have any difficulty chewing any kind of food.
  • Speech Changes — perhaps, a person with dentures has developed a sudden lisp. Maybe he or she is slurring his or speech more. In other cases, maybe the individual with dentures is experiencing excessive salivation. All of these symptoms can be indicative of issues with his or her dentures requiring adjustment. Ill-fitting dentures can be realigned or reshaped to cure any speech issues that may have befallen a person.
  • Bad Breath — even with regular—or possibly increased—brushing and rinsing, many dentures owners will notice that their breath is somewhat less than desirable. Certain wearers of dentures could also notice staining issues. Unwanted odors could be a sign of structural issues with the dentures. In such cases, it is wise to have your dentist examine to see if denture repairs to could alleviate your bad breath problems.

Find Denture Repair in California

McBride Dental provides one-hour denture repair services to clients in communities in and around San Marcos, California. Our on-site denture lab allows us to fabricate all dentures and partials in the office as quickly as possible.

In most cases, denture replacement or other repair services can be completed within an hour. Many other dental care providers have to send dentures out to external labs for repair services.

McBride Dental provides a wide range of denture repair services. Contact our office today at 760-471-1003 to schedule an appointment that will allow our dental team to assess your situation and needs. In most cases, you can come in and we can fix your dentures that same day.

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