5 Benefits of Partial Dentures

What Should You Do if You Have No Natural Teeth?
What are Some Common Dental Solutions to Missing Teeth?
January 24, 2022
How Cracked Teeth Harm Your Overall Health
How Cracked Teeth Harm Your Overall Health
February 7, 2022
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5 Benefits of Partial Dentures

One cracked tooth or a single missing tooth may not seem like a big deal, especially if the tooth is not in the front of your mouth where it is visible. Unfortunately, even if you cannot see a damaged or lost tooth, that does not mean that the impact it will have on your oral health and your mouth will be minimal. 

With just one tooth gone, several negative oral health implications can follow. For example, when you eat you may chew with more force on one side of your mouth. When you do this, your teeth on that side of your mouth will begin to wear down rapidly. Also, your teeth are important to keeping your jawbone intact and strong. When teeth are missing the jawbone will begin to degrade which can affect the structure of your face.

Missing teeth are a very common problem in the United States. The American College of Prosthodontics reports that approximately 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth while 40 million do not have any natural teeth at all. If you have missing or broken teeth, there are several options to remedy the problem. The San Marcos dental implant specialist at McBride Dental can review what solutions are available to help you restore your smile including the use of partial dentures.

How Can Partial Dentures Fix Missing Teeth?

5 Benefits of Partial DenturesPeople that are only missing one to a couple of teeth but have most of their natural teeth may benefit from the use of partial dentures. Partial dentures are dental prosthetics placed in the mouth and onto existing teeth with the false teeth strategically positioned to fill gaps. Some of the benefits of partial dentures include:

  1. Gaps in your mouth can cause your other teeth to start shifting. Filling those holes prevents that shifting from continuing, thus persevering the structure of your jawbone and the appearance of your face.
  2. The extra support of partial dentures can help you chew your food more evenly, and as a result, minimize wear and tear on your teeth. Because of this, the risk of developing cracks, chipping, and cavities are reduced. This means fewer trips to your San Marcos family dentist for treatment.
  3. Using partial dentures keeps your teeth stronger and improves their health and longevity. So, you may not have to pay the expensive costs of needing to have surgeries, other dental procedures, and dental products.
  4. Partial dentures can revive your smile which, by itself, can be an instant confidence booster.
  5. Wearing partial dentures may help avoid further tooth loss from happening.

Speak with a San Deigo Denture Specialist Today

There are several advantages to partial dentures for smile restoration and improved oral health. If you have holes in your mouth from missing teeth the good news is that you can resolve this problem. Partial dentures are just one solution. Full dentures, bridges, or even dental implants are other potential approaches. To learn more about fixing your missing teeth, please call the San Diego denture specialist at McBride Dental today to schedule an appointment at (760) 471-1003. 

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