5 Kinds of Human Teeth and Their Functions

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Most people probably don’t put a lot of thought into our teeth and the functions they serve on a daily basis, their purpose and importance in our day-to-day lives are, sadly, often undervalued. From helping us speak and creating our smile, to chewing the food we need to survive, our teeth have an indispensable part in the quality of our lives. 


5 Kinds of Human Teeth and Their Functions

Incisors are typically the first adult teeth that develop after our baby teeth. They are the teeth that are most visible when you smile. You have a total of eight incisors in your mouth; four in the top-middle of your mouth and four in the bottom-middle. Incisors are noticeably thin teeth with flat bottoms that help you take that first bite into your food. 


Your cuspids, also referred to as your canine teeth, are the most familiar link between the mouth of a human and that of a carnivorous predator, such as a bear or a coyote. Imitating the sharp, pointy teeth we associate with carnivorous animals (and vampires), these pointed and razor-sharp teeth located on both sides of your incisors are meant to do exactly what they look like they are meant to do, rip and tear apart chunks of food. These adult teeth normally start to grow at about 10 years of age.


Molars are the teeth we usually think of when we think about chewing our food. Molars are much larger than other teeth with a much larger and flatter surface area that is used to grind our food into smaller pieces that are easy to swallow. 


Premolars, sometimes called first molars, are the first molar teeth we develop. They usually start to grow when you are about twelve or thirteen-years-old. Your premolars are located right next to your cuspids in your mouth and are your primary molars.

Third Molars/Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars due to the fact that they are the last teeth that come into. Most people have their wisdom teeth extracted. They are located at the very back of the jaw and they frequently cause severe pain and other oral issues if they are not pulled.

At McBride Dental, we provide a full range of dental services that help our patients maintain healthy teeth and gums. Only through routine dental appointments and diligent oral care can you keep your teeth healthy and functional.

The professional staff at the San Marcos offices of Dr. Michael McBride are able to answer any questions you may have regarding cosmetic or restorative dentistry, as well as various common dental procedures. 

We can assist you in establishing good oral health habits to ensure that your teeth are always there when you need them and your smile always looks perfect.

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