5 of the Best Treatment Options for Sensitive Teeth

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How To Take Care of Your Gums
September 21, 2022
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5 of the Best Treatment Options for Sensitive Teeth

If you love eating a sweet ice cream cone or if you have to have your soup extra hot but when the food touches your teeth you jump, you likely have sensitive teeth. If you have not been diagnosed with sensitive teeth by your dentist, this condition may have developed over time with enamel erosion or from another cause. You may have figured out different ways to live with sensitive teeth, but the condition is still quite uncomfortable and if you do not get it just right, you will still experience pain. The good news is that sensitive teeth can be treated. 

To learn more about what treatment options may be available to you if you live in the greater San Diego area, McBride Dental can help. Dr. McBride is a San Marcos family dentist who offers several different methods for treating sensitive teeth that can help you regain the full ability to eat everything you enjoy without pain.

How to Treat Sensitive Teeth

5 of the Best Treatment Options for Sensitive TeethThere are several reasons why one would be experiencing sharp uncomfortable pangs associated with sensitive teeth. Some include:

  • Teeth with rot or decay, otherwise known as cavities.
  • Old fillings that are worn down.
  • Enamel that has been diminished.
  • Teeth that are broken or fractured.
  • Gum disease.
  • When the root of your tooth is no longer protected and exposed.

The type of treatment that your dentist will prescribe will largely depend on what is causing your sensitive teeth. Here are the top five treatments that are used for sensitive teeth and how they work.

  1. Specialized toothpaste can help minimize the physical pain suffered and desensitize the tooth. 
  2. To improve the strength of weakened enamel, a fluoride gel can be applied at your local dentist’s office.
  3. If your tooth has areas of decay it can be impaired and the remedy to this problem can come in the form of inlays, or a dental crown, and even bonding can do the trick.
  4. When gum tissue has been affected and lost your tooth’s root is likely exposed and vulnerable. Using a gum graft can cover and protect it.
  5. In the most severe cases, no other treatment may work for a person who has chronic and endless pain in their teeth. Here, a root canal could be the best means to eradicate the condition.

Avoiding issues that can lead to sensitive teeth is the optimal route to go. In this way, engaging in a daily oral health routine of brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash is critical. Though, if you still experience a problem with your oral health like sensitive teeth, for example, the most appropriate way to resolve your situation would be to see a dentist.

Make an Appointment with a Local San Diego Family Dentist

Sensitive teeth can be difficult to deal with and manage, but there is hope. You can have your condition treated and be able to eat and drink the foods and beverages you love without suffering the repercussions of tooth pain. To make your appointment with McBride Dental, please call (760) 471-1003.

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