A Bad Taste in the Mouth Could Mean an Infected Dental Implant

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Best Advice for Patients Considering Dental Implants
July 18, 2022
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A Bad Taste in the Mouth Could Mean an Infected Dental Implant

If you are one of the many people who have chosen to get dental implants to help you address missing teeth, you undoubtedly have experienced a notable improvement in your quality of life. Speaking is not disrupted, eating is easier, and you probably feel pretty confident in your smile. It is imperative not only to clean your teeth and implants daily, but you must also make it a priority to see your dentist regularly every year. Doing these things can keep your natural teeth and your implants healthy and in good shape to serve you well.

Should you start to notice that you have a bad taste in your mouth, primarily around where your dental implants are located, this could be a sign of an oral health problem. In this situation, it is best to call your dentist to have your mouth examined. In California, the San Diego implant dentist, Dr. McBride offers dental implant services and support.

What Could the Bad Taste Near Your Dental Implants Mean?

A Bad Taste in the Mouth Could Mean an Infected Dental ImplantIf you taste something coming from your mouth that seems a bit off and is near your dental implant, you may have developed an infection. Peri-implantitis happens when the tissue around the dental implant becomes inflamed and infected. The infection can be minor or it can be serious. Regardless, you will want to get to your dental implant specialist as soon as you can to have your dental implant evaluated.

Your dental implant specialist can advise you on the ways and remedies that exist which can treat your peri-implantitis and rid your mouth of the infection. It is possible that you may need surgery to remove the tissue that has been infected or you may have to replace your dental implant. Your doctor will review your options with you and explain what is necessary to regain your oral health.

Peri-implantitis is something that a prospective dental implant patient will have to think about and be aware of. A bad taste in the mouth could indicate the presence of this condition which is common and it can be very serious. Without treatment, it can lead to implant failure and disintegration of the jaw bone tissues. This is why rapid attention to the issue is so critical.

Speak with a Dental Implant Specialist in San Diego

Dental implants when taken care of can potentially last without complication for the rest of a patient’s life. There is a reason why they are gaining in popularity. Dental implants are a superior choice for treating missing teeth and they typically are highly durable.

However, there can be situations when a dental implant patient experiences issues with their dental prosthetic like peri-implantitis. In these situations, seeking the attention and assistance of a dental implant doctor is necessary.

For more information about dental implants or to schedule an appointment to have your dental implants examined, please call the San Diego dental implant dentist at McBride Dental at (760) 471-1003 today. Consultations to discuss the benefits of dental implants are always free and informational.

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