Adjusting to Your New Dentures

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Adjusting to Your New Dentures

Getting a set of dentures can be the dawn of a new era in your life. With your brand new dentures, you can regain your confidence with your perfect smile. However, this new confidence comes with an adjustment period. These new dentures are not your natural teeth, and they can take a few weeks to begin to feel natural.

What Can I Expect from my New Dentures?

denture dentistIn the beginning, your new dentures can feel a bit strange in your mouth. You will need to give your mouth time to adjust to them. You may experience these symptoms when you first wear your dentures.

  • Cheek and tongue muscles will need to adjust to the dentures, enabling your mouth to keep them in place in the first few weeks.
  • A decrease in saliva can result from wearing new dentures.
  • Many people experience a sore mouth while they adjust to dentures.

These symptoms should be temporary. If they persist for more than a week or two after you start wearing your new dentures, contact your dentist. There could be an issue with the fit of your dentures, and you may need an adjustment to guarantee that your mouth is as comfortable as possible.

How to Adjust to Everyday Life with Your New Dentures

Everything changes once you get new dentures. Eating and speaking are now different than they used to be with your natural teeth. Learning how to live with your new dentures might take a bit of time, but it will soon be second nature to you.

  • Eating – Eating can present a lot of problems to someone new to dentures. In the first few days after you get your dentures, you should stick to eating soft foods. Other tips for those new to dentures include chewing on both sides of the mouth, only chewing up and down, and drinking water with meals to keep food from sticking to the dentures. By following these steps for the first several days you wear your dentures, your mouth should adjust, and eating will become more comfortable.


  • Speaking – In the early phase of your mouth adjusting to your new dentures, you might feel like you are having a lot of trouble talking. In most cases, this is much more noticeable to you than it is to other people. If you are concerned about the issues you have while speaking, practice talking with your dentures in your mouth for a few minutes every day. In the coming weeks, your speech and your confidence in talking will both improve.


Whether you are planning to get dentures or you have recently acquired dentures, keep in mind that these issues are incredibly temporary. In just a few weeks, you probably will not think about the awkwardness you felt in the first few days of wearing dentures. Keep in mind that if you have any problems that do not resolve themselves after the initial adjustment period, you can always contact us at McBride Dental. We will make adjustments to help your mouth feel more comfortable and let your smile shine through!



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