Adult Fluoride Treatment Benefits

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Adult Fluoride Treatment Benefits

You may know that when your young ones go to the dentist, they are likely going to get a fluoride treatment put on their teeth. When you go to the dentist, you may not even think about fluoride as something that may benefit your oral health. Yet, the truth is that fluoride treatments can also be good for adults and help preserve their pearly whites.

If you would like to learn more about fluoride treatments for adults and if this is a service that you could benefit from, the San Marcos family dentist at McBride Dental can provide you with more information.  Even if you have not been to your dentist in a while, getting back in and having a professional examination and cleaning is highly recommended. And, the friendly team at McBride Dental welcomes you to come in for a regular dental checkup or another dental service.

Fluoride Treatment for Adults

Adult Fluoride Treatment BenefitsFlouride is a key element in strengthening teeth. As a naturally occurring mineral, it improves the strength of the protective coating over the teeth, the enamel. Children are often given fluoride treatments so to keep their teeth strong. But adults can also strengthen their teeth with fluoride treatments too.

Acidic foods and beverages that we eat and drink can wreak havoc on our tooth’s enamel. It breaks it down and degrades it. When enamel is softened and weakened the tooth becomes vulnerable to rot taking over. Sugary foods, carbonated beverages, citrus, and more are all very acidic and can harm tooth enamel. And, even if you have the cleanest diet and try to eat whole, nutritious foods, you may still be consuming some items that have a higher acidity.

While you can buy over-the-counter fluoride treatments to do at home, when you go into your dentist’s office to have it applied professionally, you will be given a more concentrated type of fluoride treatment. As a result, there will be increased mineralization on your tooth’s surface to buff and boost areas that are weakened.

Professional fluoride treatments and those that you can buy at your local pharmacy can come in many different forms. Rinses, toothpaste, foams, gels, and varnish may all be options. Fluoride treatments are quick and pain-free making them convenient. People that have dental anxiety with different dental services can rest assured that there is nothing to fear with fluoride treatments.

So, if you suffer from tooth sensitivity, struggle with cavities and tooth decay, have a dry mouth, or haven’t kept up on regular dental visits, then a fluoride treatment may be right for you. A fluoride treatment building up the tooth’s surface can help you manage these problems and reduce the pain or discomfort you have from them.

Speak to a California Dentist Today

Dr. McBride can examine your teeth and provide you with sound advice on if a fluoride treatment would be helpful to preserve your oral health. To schedule an appointment or meet with the dentist during a free consultation, please call McBride Dental today at (760) 471-1003.

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