All You Should Know About Dental Sealants

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All You Should Know About Dental Sealants

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a thin coat of special plastic used to place over the chewing surfaces of the molars. They protect the deep pits and grooves, which are the areas that put individuals at risk of developing tooth decay or cavities. It’s considered to be the most effective option for decreasing one’s chance of developing tooth decay since it shields the enamel of each tooth.

Sealants are so effective because if they weren’t covering the deep pits and grooves of the teeth, then food particles and plaque would build up in those areas, which are hard to reach and clean. Not even a toothbrush and floss can completely clean the pits and grooves. Therefore, sealants will prevent food and bacteria from building up in those areas.

Who Benefits from Dental Sealants?

People of all age groups can benefit from dental sealants, but the earlier they are applied, the All You Should Know About Dental Sealantsbetter because early on protection prevents the risk of developing oral issues in the future, which ultimately saves time and money. Children and teenagers are great candidates for dental sealants, especially between the ages of 6-14 when cavities are most likely to develop. For adults who have not had tooth decay or fillings, sealants will also benefit them just in case they’re on the verge of developing those issues.

At McBride Dental, we offer dental sealants as a preventative care method for our clients who we feel may be at risk of developing tooth decay.

How are Dental Sealants Placed?

First, dentists will start with a clean and dry surface before beginning the application process. Next, to ensure the sealants form a solid bond with the tooth, dentists will apply a special gel to rough up the tooth’s surfaces. Lastly, the sealant is placed on the tooth, which is initially applied with a gel or paste but eventually hardens into a strong coating. Because every individual is unique, some dentists have to use an intense light to harden sealants. Once placed, sealants are designed to last for several years. However, because everyone is different, some individuals may require a reapplication sooner. Therefore, dentists usually inspect an individual’s sealants for chipping and wearing every time they come in for a checkup.

San Diego Preventative Care

At McBride Dental, we offer a variety of preventative care services to help our clients avoid developing tooth decay and other oral health issues. We provide X-rays, deep cleaning services, dental sealants, and more, to make sure our clients maintain optimal health. Not only do we advise our clients to visit our office every six months, but we also recommend that they maintain a good oral care regimen in between office visits by visiting our office for their regular general checkup.

Some tips we offer for our clients include: brush twice daily for at least 2 minutes, floss once daily, use a mouthwash, clean retainers and dentures, and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. If you are in the San Diego area and are in need of a dentist office, call 760-471-1003 to schedule an appointment today.

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