Am I Too Old to Receive Dental Implants?

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Am I Too Old to Receive Dental Implants?

If you have been considering dental implants for quite some time now, you may wonder: Am I too old to go through this process? With many people having longer life expectancies nowadays, it may not be too late to start considering dental implants. Even after reaching old age, many people deserve to have an excellent social life on a physical and emotional level. Today we will talk about your age and implants, recovery from the procedure, and so many other aspects so we can help you put your mind at ease while you make your decision.

Age May Not Be a Factor

dental implants san diegoHow old is too old when it comes to dental implants? Many people are under the impression that implants will not be effective for them, though this is not always true. The truth of the matter is that implants work just as well for those who are elderly as they do for those who are younger. Elderly people are sometimes concerned about their health at this age and how it will work in regards to dental implants, especially those suffering from osteoporosis. Luckily, it will not get in the way of dental implants, which could be extremely beneficial to you. Even in cases of bone loss, anybody can benefit from implants – from those aged 60 to those aged 85! There are so many benefits such as a spectacular social life, active lifestyle, and better eating options when you have dental implants on your side.

So, how is the recovery when it pertains to your dental implants at an older age? Older patients are known to have potentially longer healing times along with other health factors, but aside from this, treatment usually works out in an elder’s favor. In fact, tooth extraction tends to take a longer time to heal than receiving implants.

The Many Benefits of Dental Implants in Elderly

Especially in elders who are struggling to eat food, sometimes battling with their dentures to have a normal diet, dental implants can be extremely beneficial and restore normalcy when it comes to eating. Elderly patients also find that they enjoy dental implants as an option because implants protect your jawbone and cause you to have a much healthier mouth, which will help you stray from bone loss. This can’t be said about many other dental options. Elderly patients will not have to stray from things they once enjoyed in their lives before implants, such as eating their favorite foods and maintaining a normal social life without embarrassment.

Are you considering dental implants but you aren’t sure because of your age, cost, and many other factors? This is why it is important to speak to a dental specialist as soon as possible to find out how dental implants could benefit you depending on your age and lifestyle. Dental implants are not just for the young – they are also for the elderly and can lead to a healthier dental life. We want to hear from you at McBride Dental, so give us a call as soon as possible at 760-471-1003.





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