Are Dental Implants the Right Choice?

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Are Dental Implants the Right Choice?

A dental implant is an option for people who are looking to restore their smile. They function by being a screw-shaped implant that joins with your jawbone, imitating the roots of a teeth. An artificial tooth, or crown, is placed on the base of the implant. This natural-looking way to replace teeth has its benefits. You can replace one tooth or all of your teeth with these implants. Are they the right choice for you?

What Makes Me a Good Candidate for a Dental Implant?

dental implants san diegoWith the fact that these implants function by joining with the bones of your jaw, people who are good candidates for a dental implant must have a healthy bone structure in their gums. Good gum health is also important in considering whether or not to get a dental implant. If you are wondering if you are eligible for these implants, consult with a dentist and periodontist.

People of all ages can be good candidates for a dental implant. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry recommends implants as an especially good option for teenagers who have finished going maturing through facial development. They also note that the implants can replace teeth that were removed for many reasons, including decay, infection, and injury.

Advantages of Dental Implants

One of the best reasons that dental implants are the right choice are the myriad of benefits that you will experience.

  • Comfort – Dental implants can be a more comfortable alternative to dentures. With dentures, your mouth will need an adjustment period to get used to the foreign object placed in your mouth, and they can cause difficulty with everyday activities like speaking or eating. However, a dental implant will not feel as awkward in your mouth in the earliest days of using them.
  • No Trouble Eating – With dentures, there is sometimes difficulty that comes with chewing. While adjustments to your dentures will solve these problems, you will not experience this with dental implants. Since they function like natural teeth, they will not slip around in your mouth like a set of dentures might.
  • Longevity of Implants – The strength and durability of the dental implant are one of its main advantages. If you practice proper oral hygiene, you can make your dental implants last for the rest of your life. This longevity is a definite advantage over dentures, which will likely need to be replaced at some point over your lifetime. You are also unable to drop and break dental implants like you are with a set of dentures.
  • Natural appearance – People will not be able to tell your dental implants apart from natural teeth. Since they are implanted in your mouth and joined with natural bone, these will look like natural teeth to anyone. A set of dentures can sometimes have a less natural appearance.

If you think dental implants are right for you, contact us at McBride Dental. We will be able to assess the health of your mouth, and whether or not these are right for you. If they are not the best choice for you, there are plenty of other great options to restore your smile.





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