Are Electric Toothbrushes Good to Use?

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Are Electric Toothbrushes Good to Use?

A part of your daily routine should be brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least once. These actions keep your teeth clean and strong and your oral health robust. Whether you choose to use a manual toothbrush or an electric, the most important thing is that you are regularly brushing.

The other crucial action to take to keep your oral health sound is to see your local dentist every year. If you live in the greater San Diego area, McBride Dental can help you with professional dental cleanings, exams, cosmetic dentistry, and many other helpful dental services. The San Diego general dentist is proud to have been serving patients in the community for more than three decades.

The Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

The Look of Your Tongue and Your HealthIt is critical that when you brush your teeth you hit all surfaces front, back, and sides. Lightly brushing the gums, the top of the mouth, and the tongue should also be included in your mouth cleaning routine.

Some people though, brush too aggressively and with too much force. This is damaging to the soft tissue in your mouth. Gentle messaging of your teeth and other spaces in your mouth is recommended.

If you were wondering about the effectiveness of an electric toothbrush consider the following:

  • Many electric toothbrush brands offer products that have varying brushing modes and speeds. These options can help you customize your toothbrush to your specific oral health needs. For example, you may have sensitive gums or teeth and you can find a setting that will best accommodate these issues.
  • If you tend to be a vigorous brusher of your teeth, being reminded of when you are pushing too hard is going to be a good thing. You can find an electric toothbrush that has a pressure monitor. One of these brushes will signal you that you need to let up a bit.
  • Some electric toothbrushes also remind you of when it is necessary to remove and replace the brush itself. This ensures you always are using the most hygienic brush to clean your mouth.
  • Electric toothbrushes can be plugged in and charged which speaks to their longevity.
  • Electric toothbrushes can also time your tooth-cleaning session. Spending enough time thoroughly brushing your teeth is important. Your electric toothbrush may be able to alert you as to how long you should spend cleaning the inside of your mouth.
  • The vibrating bristles of an electric toothbrush may be more effective at completely cleaning all parts of your mouth and your teeth.

An electronic toothbrush can be immensely helpful to keep you properly brushing your teeth. This can keep your teeth cleaner, brighter, and healthier overall. If you have questions about your teeth cleaning routine or other dental concerns, call the San Marcos general dentist at McBride Dental for more information.

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