Bad Habits that Can Harm Your Oral Health

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Bad Habits that Can Harm Your Oral Health

People all over the world have a tendency to engage in certain behaviors that may feel fairly innocuous and may even go unnoticed but they are bad habits and with them come consequences. Some bad habits are more pronounced than others, and the repercussions of certain bad habits can be more severe than others. If you can identify a bad habit you engage in, you may be able to take proactive steps to address it and correct the issue. 

To care for and maintain a healthy mouth and good oral hygiene, you should:

  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Use mouthwash after you brush
  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks
  • Visit a general dentist for checkups 

These steps are not the only things that you can do to preserve your oral health, if you engage in certain bad habits you could be actively harming your teeth and gums.

What Bad Habits Do You Need to Stop to Preserve Your Oral Health?

Ending bad habits is a good thing because, in the end, the health issues that these behaviors can cause can be very serious. Chronic pain, disease, and other ailments can develop, and at that point, it can become very costly and stressful to manage. The following bad habits will harm your teeth and gums and if you can refrain from doing them, you should. Bad Habits that Can Harm Your Oral Health

  • Biting your nails has the potential to chip and damage your teeth. Additionally, your nails are full of harmful bacteria, and by putting your fingers in your mouth to bite your nails, you are simply spreading those germs. Also, the constant chewing of nails can strain your jaw and lead to regular pain.
  • Rough brushing wreaks havoc on the mouth by wearing away the gums and scouring away at your protective tooth enamel. Receding gums, gum disease, and sensitive teeth can all result from harsh brushing.
  • Grinding your teeth can cause jaw pain and can erode the enamel on your tooth which can result in your teeth being exposed to rot and decay.
  • Snacking all of the time without adequately washing and brushing away the debris can cause plaque to build up and cavities are more likely to develop.
  • Drinking alcohol can cause dry mouth which results in an inability to naturally clean away organic materials so plaque and cavities will follow.
  • Chewing ice is an easy way to chip teeth and cause breaks.
  • Smoking not only can cause cancer, but it also makes your teeth discolored, cause your breath to smell bad, and can lead to gum disease.
  • Using your teeth to open packages or to tear materials that are not food, will also cause damage.

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