Can I Replace One Single Tooth With a Dental Implant?

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Can I Replace One Single Tooth With a Dental Implant?

When you think of dental implants, do you think of replacing multiple teeth at a time? When you have lost many teeth next to one another, your dentist will typically sit down with you and discuss your options, from implants to dentures. But what happens when you are just missing one single tooth? Can you still go through the dental implant process and will it still have many benefits? Let us help you make your decision.

Why an Implant Might Be the Best Option

Dental Implant DentistPerhaps people have told you that, if you are missing one single tooth, you may be able to receive a bridge instead of a single-tooth implant. Perhaps they said that receiving an implant is a “process” and they are not wrong about that, but it may be the best option for you – especially because dental implants tend to give you the permanency you desire with results that can’t be beaten! Why are dental implants rated to be the best of the best, even for one single tooth?

Dental implants look and function like a real tooth, so you won’t feel as if you are missing a tooth at all over time. Better than that, however, is the fact that you can replace one single tooth without sacrificing your neighboring teeth like you would with dentures or any other option. This is a lot better than having to go through the process of receiving a supportive fixed bridge because the process for a bridge involves the adjacent teeth being ground down to support the bridge. A single implant can achieve the look that you have been seeking when it comes to your missing tooth.

Fears About Placement

When you are going through a single-tooth implant procedure, you will find that the process is much simpler than having most of the teeth in your mouth replaced. At our office, we have one-day dental implant visits that allow you to have an implant with an extension piece attached, made for a very quick process that is easy on your mouth and will allow you to move forward with your life as soon as you have your new implant!

As you can see, a dental implant is probably the best option when it comes to replacing one tooth, because a bridge and dentures may be out of the question. Only decades ago, many people’s choice was to receive a bridge and there were very few other options aside from that. Now, we have the technology to bring a very durable option to your plate and change the aesthetics in your mouth so that you can move forward knowing that you have chosen the best option when it comes to your one missing tooth. This will give you confidence that you may not have felt in many months or years.

At McBride Dental, we understand dental implants from the inside-out and want to give you a better chance at a brighter smile. Let us renew your confidence as we give you real options and discuss the many benefits. Call us today for more information at 760-471-1003.


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