Can Younger Patients Also Be Candidates for Dentures?

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Can Younger Patients Also Be Candidates for Dentures?

When younger patients qualify for dentures, they might not initially warm up to the idea. The reason behind this is because many people think that they can’t have the same confidence in their smile when they have dentures. However, as you talk more and more with your local San Diego dentist about the option, you might find that it is the one plan that works for you. 

Dentures in Younger Patients

You might initially be feeling alone when you find out that it’s time for dentures. However, you probably know more people in your age group with dentures than you originally thought. In fact, according to research by the Louisiana Can Younger Patients Also Be Candidates for Dentures?State University Health Shreveport, 69% of adults between 35 and 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth. There are many reasons why younger patients are losing teeth, two of the most common being gum disease and tooth decay. Some younger patients lose their teeth due to diseases or GERD, which is a type of reflux that can cause stomach acid to come up into your mouth. This disease, like many others, can cause your teeth to erode quickly.

Dentures are one of the most reliable, long-term methods for helping you escape the pain and worry that comes with the loss of your natural teeth. You can continue smiling and eating the same diet from before tooth loss made life much more difficult for you.

Self Perception & Dentures 

One of the main concerns for younger patients with dentures is that they might feel a lack of confidence in their look after they have their dentures fitted. However, we will work with you to restore this confidence and help you avoid embarrassment as you are getting used to your new dentures. After your permanent teeth are removed, we typically wait several months so that your gums can change shape and heal before fitting the permanent dentures. One of the options that will help a young patient during this time is an immediate denture, which ensures that there is no awkward period where you are experiencing life without teeth. From there, your gums will experience their readjustment period and you will have your dentures relined to fit the shape of your mouth.

After you have received your dentures, you might not feel as if you have your natural teeth back in your mouth because, as with all things, it might take a period of time until you are used to it. This is why you should always practice speaking alone to build up confidence in public speaking situations. You will have to make some diet alterations such as eating soft foods and gradually returning to your normal diet. In time, you will become used to the dentures and won’t even notice them. 

San Diego Dentist 

We want to help you experience the best results when you receive dentures as a younger patient. At McBride Dental, you have options and we have answers for you. Call us for more information to find out how we can help you in your time of need at 760-471-1003.

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