Dental Coverage for Medicare Patients in San Diego

Medicare Certified DentistDental health has been linked to your overall health and wellbeing. When you neglect to treat your dental problems, they can exacerbate other issues and illnesses, including stroke, diabetes, dementia, and heart disease. Additionally, if you find yourself in a situation where you need chemotherapy, an organ transplant, a heart valve replacement, or a joint replacement, you may be required to delay treatment while you address your dental issues.
Depending on which Medicare plan you have selected, the dental benefits are different, and in some instances, nonexistent. The good news is that regardless of the plan, there are options available to help you if the treatment is diagnosed as medically necessary.
It is estimated that up to one in five adults who are eligible for Medicare (65 years old and older) have untreated cavities. Another one in five seniors have lost their teeth . Meanwhile, half of Medicare beneficiaries display periodontal disease or infection of structures around teeth, including the gums.
Since 1993, Dr. Michael McBride and his entire team at McBride Dental have been working with Medicare recipients to ensure that their dental health remains exceptional through their senior years. We are a certified Medicare Provider. Meaning that, if you have oral disease which will affect your long term health and well-being, Dr. McBride can diagnose your treatment as being medically necessary.

Options Available for Medicare Recipients in San Diego to Get Dental Coverage

It is critical that Medicare beneficiaries carefully explore their options. Going without dental treatment can leave you vulnerable and at risk for paying far more on the back end, should you need dental treatment. Further, even in one’s senior years, preventative care is critical to extending the health and wellbeing of your teeth.
Add Supplemental Insurance to Your Medicare Plan – Specially crafted for Medicare recipients, these “Medigap” plans bridge the coverage gap one may experience with only Medicare A or B. Unlike purchasing a standalone dental plan, this ensures you are not paying for any overlap in coverage. The subscriber must be enrolled in Medicare A or B in order to enroll in one of these custom plans.

McBride Dental is Here for Medicare Recipients

Regardless of your Medicare coverage, our team at McBride Dental welcomes the opportunity to work with you. With an array of tools and services, including an in-office dental lab, we can produce high-quality dentures, implants, and same-day restorations that will leave you looking and feeling your best well into the future. Contact our office to schedule your appointment for answers to any of your Medicare questions.
Our dentist and caring team has worked with seniors of all ages and backgrounds facing all types of dental needs. Ensuring the overall health and wellness of our patients throughout your golden years is core to our mission and our status as a Medicare service provider. When you visit McBride Dental, you will enjoy our signature care, blending the warm, comfortable environment with the latest digital technologies and a desire to truly serve our patients. We look forward to seeing you and treating you with exceptional care.