Dental Implants: Does Age Matter?

Teeth Staining FAQ
Teeth Staining FAQ
March 4, 2020
Different Types of Dental Specialties
Different Types of Dental Specialties
March 11, 2020

Dental problems can occur at any age. Without a doubt, having an attractive smile and healthy teeth is desired by people of all ages. Thankfully, dental implants are available to help people with not-so-perfect dental health achieve the smile they desire.

Anyone considering dental implants may be curious to know if their age influences their ability to receive dental implants successfully. To answer this question, it is important to look at important factors surrounding age and whether a person will be able to receive a dental implant or if they should seek an alternative treatment.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants: Does Age Matter?Modern Dental implants are quickly sweeping the nation and helping patients recreate healthy and attractive smiles. For nearly 30-years, dentists across the country have turned to dental implants as a safe and predictable procedure for creating the results they desire.

In a sense, dental implants are artificial teeth roots that are shaped in a similar manner as screws. These dental implants are placed within the jaw bone and extend above the surface to an abutment. These abutments are placed on top of the dental implant to support the crown on top. Each crown is custom made to match the recipient’s natural teeth and fit in the mouth without leaving any unattractive and unnatural gaps.

Dental implants are considered as the only dental restoration process that both preserves and stimulates natural bone growth within the jaw.

Bone Density

Rather than age itself, a person’s bone density has a much larger influence on whether or not a patient can receive a dental implant. When patients receive dental implants, their gum is inserted with a metal rod. This rod fuses with the bone and supports the implant. Additionally, they guard against bone recession. To be a candidate for a dental implant, a patient must have enough healthy bone available to support it. Even if there is not adequate support within the jaw bone, bone grafting is available to help promote the growth of new bone in the necessary areas.

Healthy Gum Tissues

In addition to having good bone density, patients must have healthy gum tissue. The best candidates for dental implants should be one committed to their daily oral hygiene routine. These patients should regularly brush and floss and should attend consistent dental visits.

Contact McBride Dental to See How an Implant Can Help Your Smile

The bottom line is that age is rarely ever a factor in determining if a person is a candidate for a dental implant. Regardless of a patient’s age, it is more important to view their overall health to determine if they qualify. Patients with chronic health conditions, such as cancer or diabetes, may have problems healing from an implant.

In other cases, tobacco users may have difficulties healing from dental implant surgery as well and generally do not make good candidates.

If you are interested in seeing if a dental implant is a good option for you, contact our dental professionals at McBride Dental in San Marcos at (760) 471-1003 to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs.

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