Dental Implants Therapy Boosts Health and Wellness

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Dental Implants Therapy Boosts Health and Wellness

Dental implants can dramatically improve your health and well-being far beyond just being able to eat your favorite foods again. If you are thinking about dental implant therapy, your likely to have questions and concerns. Your San Marcos family dentist can examine your teeth and review your oral health history to advise you on if dental implants would appropriate. In addition, your San Marcos dental implant doctor can answer all of your questions and provide you with ample information so you fully understand the process, cost, as well as how dental implants work.

If you are considering dental implants to restore functionality to your mouth and confidence with your smile, Dr. McBride at McBride Dental can help. Dr. McBride is a San Diego implant dentist that is a DABOI/ID Diplomate who has completed 900 hours of post-doctorate instruction in implant surgery and restoration. Each year, Dr. McBride engages in a minimum of 50 hours of continuing dental education which is twice the amount of training that is legally required. Dr. McBride has extensive experience helping patients restore their smiles and improve their quality of life through dental implant therapy.

How Can Dental Implants Benefit Your Overall Health and Wellness?

Dental Implants Therapy Boosts Health and WellnessDental implants offer practical benefits like being able to eat any foods you enjoy and drink your favorite beverages. They will also make you feel better about your appearance. Beyond these two advantages, there are other ways that you can improve the quality of your life with dental implants. 

When you are feeling good about how you look and your mouth is full of white, straight teeth you are likely going to smile more. Broken, discolored, and missing teeth often make individuals feel self-conscious, and in response, even when they are happy they are reluctant to smile. Several studies have linked smiling with more positive mental health.

Dental implants allow for a greater variety of foods that can be included on your menu. You can now eat raw, nutrient-dense foods that prior to your implants were impossible to chew and that caused you pain. When you are able to have greater food options, you may be motivated to eat healthy foods that can improve your overall wellbeing.

The whole experience of having dental implants and a healthy mouth allows you to:

  • Eat like normal without discomfort
  • Smile more often
  • Interact and communicate with others more frequently

Combined, these benefits can contribute to making healthy lifestyle choices as well as elevate one’s contentment with life. It only makes sense that a study that followed  the quality of life in terms of health and wellness of people that had implants showed undeniably that the following continued to improve year after year:

  • Increased functionality
  • Decreased pain
  • Greater psychological health
  • Increased sociability

Make an Appointment with a San Diego Implant Dentist Today

Dr. McBride is a San Marcos dental implant doctor that is committed to excellence and providing the highest quality dental services to patients. You can schedule a free personal consultation with the San Diego dentist at McBride Dental by calling (760) 471-1003 today.


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