Do Dental Implants Impact Metal Detectors?

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Guidelines for Cavity Prevention
June 13, 2022
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Do Dental Implants Impact Metal Detectors?

Dental implants are a great, potentially permanent way to fix the issue of missing teeth. Dental implants look the part of natural teeth as they blend in with the rest of one’s mouth beautifully. They function like natural teeth giving patient’s the ability to eat the foods they love again. Dental implants can also make a person feel better about their smile which can be a huge boost to one’s confidence. There are many benefits of dental implants. These are only a handful of the advantages one can experience when they get these dental prosthetics implanted into their mouth to fill gaps where natural teeth are no longer present.

When people require surgery where artificial medical implants are put inside of their body, there is always the concern of how these components may affect things like metal detectors. This is a natural and reasonable question to have. Dental implants are no different and when patients are inquiring about the dental implant procedure, it is not uncommon for the question to come up about how the implant will impact a metal detector.

For this question and more, Dr. McBride is a San Diego implant dentist that can offer resources, information, and answers to help patients learn everything about dental implants.

How Do Dental Implants Affect Metal Detectors?

Do Dental Implants Impact Metal DetectorsThere may be different situations you are in where you have to walk through a metal detector for security purposes. Going to the airport or in some government buildings are examples of when this may be so. And because the implant portion of a dental implant is metal, wondering if this material inserted into your mouth could cause a metal detector to be set off is a fair question. This is because there are cases where a person’s metal implant does cause metal detectors to go off.

Where this scenario happens, it is typically the larger metal implants that trigger a metal detector. Whereas a metal joint, for example, may be large enough to cause a metal detector to go off, a dental implant, by comparison, is such a small amount of metal, patients do not have to worry about this happening. Even with more than one implant, it is highly unlikely that they will cause a metal detector to be set off.

So, for the answer to the question of how do dental implants affect metal detectors? Dental prosthetics largely have no effect on metal detectors. This means that you should not experience delays or other issues when you are flying, going into certain buildings, or being scanned in other security situations. And even in the very rare instance where your implant does cause an alert, you can inform the security personnel about its presence.

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