Do You Have to Repair Cracked Teeth?

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Do You Have to Repair Cracked Teeth?

If you have a cracked tooth you are not required by any laws to have it repaired. However, it is in your best interests to have the tooth examined and taken care of by your dentist. A cracked tooth may not seem like an emergency medical condition, but in the long run, you will be improving your health and wellbeing by having your cracked teeth cared for by your dentist.

If you live in San Diego but have not been in to see a dentist in a while and you have a cracked tooth, contact McBride Dental for help. Dr. McBride is a San Diego general dentist that can examine your problem teeth and give you options to address and fix them.

Why are Cracked Teeth Problematic?

Do You Have to Repair Cracked TeethEven though the tooth’s enamel is the body’s strongest natural material, it is not free from damage. Cracked teeth can happen vertically or horizontally. They can develop below the gums and above them too. Sometimes cracks can are easily seen and other times, they may not be visible. Cracked teeth though, can cause pain and increased sensitivity when hot and cold food and drink contact them.

Cracked teeth can happen for many reasons including:

  • Clenching teeth.
  • Grinding teeth.
  • Forceful impact.
  • As a result of prior dental work.

These reasons and more can cause a tooth to crack.

When a crack is present, this leaves the tooth open to infection. Bacteria and acids can easily creep into these weakened areas where the crack resides. If the infection is not treated the gums can degrade and recede and the jaw bone can lose tissue.

It is not just infections of the mouth and damage to the gums and jaw bone that you will need to be concerned about when a tooth is cracked. That crack is an opening for bacteria to infest and that can lead to oral hygiene issues but if the bacteria spread into your bloodstream, then many other negative health outcomes can result. Some of these can be deadly.:

  • Heart attack.
  • Diabetes.
  • Stroke.
  • Pancreatic cancer.
  • Vision impairment.
  • Sinus issues. 
  • Extreme lethargy.
  • Promotion of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Difficulties with memory.

As you can see, cracks in the teeth can have serious health repercussions. This is why not letting cracks go but having them fixed is so important.

There are several ways that a crack in a tooth can be repaired. Which treatment is utilized will largely depend on how big the crack is. Fillings or inlays may help, veneers could be enough, or dental implants may be the right approach. Crowns, bridges, and dentures are other means of treatment.

Speak to a San Diego Dentist Today

If you are suffering from a cracked tooth or other oral health problem, McBride Dental is a San Marcos preventative dentist that can provide you with a professional exam and treatment options for your specific issues. For hesitant patients, sedation dentistry is offered. Please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with the San Marcos dentist by calling McBride Dental today at (760) 471-1003. 

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