Enamel Erosion Can Sometimes Be Counteracted by Increased Fluoride Exposure

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September 26, 2016
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Enamel Erosion Can Sometimes Be Counteracted by Increased Fluoride Exposure

Your tooth enamel is made of microscopic mineral crystals. Even though this makes tooth enamel very strong, it is not impervious to the enamel erosion caused by acidic foods and beverages and the bacteria in your mouth. As time goes on, this process, known as demineralization, can create microscopic pores and channels in your tooth enamel.

Chronic enamel erosion can expose the sensitive dentin layer of the tooth. Common symptoms include a sharp or stinging pain when you eat or drink something that is hot, cold, sweet or acidic.

Increased exposure to fluoride helps restore the mineral density of your tooth enamel. This process is known as remineralization, and it effectively counteracts enamel erosion.

If your dentist, Dr. Michael McBride, notices significant signs of enamel erosion during your checkup, he might recommend increasing your fluoride exposure. This can come through a number of different means.

This might include receiving a basic fluoride treatment, using fluoride supplements and brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. With a diligent approach to the treatment strategy your dentist suggests, many of the complications of enamel erosion can be reduced or outright prevented.

If you’ve struggled with tooth sensitivity problems, you should call McBride Dental at 760-471-1003 to develop a fluoride treatment strategy in San Marcos, California.

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