Factors that Could Be Causing Your Bad Breath

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Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Dentures
February 3, 2021
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Dental Implants Excellent Alternative to Dentures
February 15, 2021
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Factors that Could Be Causing Your Bad Breath

You brush and you floss but still your breath still doesn’t feel or smell as fresh as you’d like. When you are conscious of bad breath it can affect how you feel about yourself and how you interact with others. It may cause you to avoid communications and could prevent you from developing relationships. Bad breath is a serious issue, and while brushing and flossing are actions that any dentist will advise you to do on a regular basis, there could be other issues that are causing your bad breath woes.

When you have questions about your oral health, including how to get rid of bad breath, the San Diego general dentist at McBride Dental can answer your questions and provide you the guidance you need to make changes or adjustments to your lifestyle. If there are procedures or treatments necessary to help with your problem, Dr. McBride has more than 30 years helping people solve their dental issues and keeping their smiles bright.

What Causes Chronic Bad Breath?

Factors that Could Be Causing Your Bad BreathEveryone will experience a time when their breath doesn’t feel as clean and clear as it could. A time when some mint gum or an extra round of mouthwash may do the trick. There are some people who deal with chronic bad breath that not even the most potent peppermint candy can solve. Some factors that can cause bad breath include:

  • Certain foods have strong and pungent odors. Garlic is one of them. If you eat many of these foods, they can resonate in your mouth and smell bad.
  • Smoking tobacco can damage your gums and also give off a putrid odor because small particles of the dried plant can get stuck in your mouth.
  • Regular flossing and brushing are necessary for many reasons but one is to clean out all organic material that can get stuck around your teeth, between your teeth, and in your gums. If not removed, this debris will break down and cause plaque build-up. The decaying material will increase stinky bacteria all over your mouth, on your gums, teeth, and tongue.
  • Dry mouth or Xerostomia makes it much more difficult to naturally remove and wash out food particles that can cause bacteria because of the low level of saliva.
  • Check your medications because some medications have side effects that include bad breath.
  • Several conditions can lead to infections in your mouth like tooth decay or gum disease and this will result in a foul odor.
  • If you suffer from sinus issues or rhinitis, which is nasal inflammation this could affect how your breath smells.
  • Disease and conditions like cancer, acid reflux, and many others may be the source of your bad breath.

Speak with a San Marcos General Dentist Today

If you are struggling to find ways to ward off bad breath and nothing seems to be working, it is best that you are examined by a knowledgeable and skilled San Marcos dentist at McBride Dental today. Call to schedule your free consultation and to make an appointment at (760) 471-1003.

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