Flossing demonstrated with Peanut Butter

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Flossing demonstrated with Peanut Butter

It is late and you’re tired and you figure, I don’t really need to floss.  Or your kids are putting up a fight about flossing and you decide to let it go.  After all, brushing is enough, isn’t it?  Would you only wash one side of your head?  Or when you wash your car, do you just do the driver’s side and leave the passenger side, it makes sense right, you only see the driver’s side anyway.  We all know both of these examples are nonsense and no right-minded person would do such a thing.  But then why not floss?  Our teeth, after all, have four sides, front, back and the two sides adjacent to the next tooth in the row so what reason would justify ignoring the sides between our teeth?  The answer is there is no good reason and the effect of neglect can lead to a number of dental problems including decay, gum disease, bad breath etc.

San Diego DentistHere is a way to visualize flossing.  It is a little gross (but then again, your mouth will be too if you or your kids aren’t flossing) but is hyper instructive.  The experiment is easy, and not terribly messy if done with care, and can be done with common household items in just about the same time it takes to brush your teeth.  The Nova Scotia Dental Association is credited with developing this very visual way to “see” what happens in your mouth when you fail to floss.


Here’s what you do:

  1. Get all the “stuff” you’d normally use to brush your teeth (toothbrush, toothpaste and floss) and also get some peanut butter and a rubber glove.
  2. With the rubber glove on, apply peanut butter between your fingers (note if you have a peanut allergy use almond butter or even pain butter or sour cream, whatever won’t impact allergies).
  3. Now close your fingers together, nice a snug and hold your hand up like you’re making the “STOP” motion and have your kid use the toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your fingers.  Think of them as the big cereal flakes on the serial box, your fingers are simply “enlarged to show texture”!

With a little effort (….and did we mention to do this over a sink?) you’ll be able to brush off the peanut butter from the front of the gloves which is what brushing does for you.  Now, open your fingers and see what is left behind.  This is the gross part we mentioned earlier, all that peanut butter between your fingers is the food you missed by not flossing.  This is the source of bad breath, tooth decay gingivitis and the nice sloppy, gooey peanut butter goop between your fingers is just like all the food particles we leave behind when we don’t floss

Moral of the story is, get that floss out!

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