Foods and Drinks that Harmful to Oral Health

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Foods and Drinks that Harmful to Oral Health

Food plays an enormous role in the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Even though certain foods may be delicious, if overconsumed those foods can do extreme damage to an individual’s oral health. Foods that contain lots of sugar are the biggest culprits. Again, these foods may be tasty, but consuming too much of them could lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Eating poorly and not practicing healthy hygiene habits increases the chances of experiencing oral complications in the future.

Foods that Damage Teeth

Chewy candy, like taffy and caramel sticks, are nonbeneficial for the teeth because the sugar and caramel stick onto the tooth for extended periods of time and eventually dissolves into the enamel. Other candies that are chewy and acidic are the most damaging because too much citric and sugar does double harm to the teeth.

Other foods, such as chips, bread, and pasta can also be damaging to the teeth. Because these are starchy foods that contain white flour, they are simple carbohydrates that break down into simple sugars, which if overconsumed could lead to tooth decay.

Many may be surprised to discover that certain citrus fruits are harmful to the teeth if overconsumed, too. For example, even though grapefruit and lemon are great sources of Vitamin C, they are both highly acidic, which could harm enamel in the long run. Even squeezing lemon into a glass of water can be harmful to the teeth if consumed too much.

Drinks that Damage Teeth

Most fruit juices are filled with lots of sugar, which is highly harmful to the teeth. Sodas are also beverages that are filled with lots of sugar and should be avoided. Even sodas that claim to be sugar-free or diet are still highly acidic, which destroys the enamel over time.

Coffee and tea could potentially be healthy beverages. However, most people add sugar to rid of the bitter taste. Coffee and tea can also stain the teeth over time if consumed regularly. Lastly, for individuals who don’t order decaf coffee or tea, the caffeine can also dry out the mouth.

Alcohol is known for drying out the mouth and causing dehydration, which reduces the flow of saliva and damages the teeth over time. Dry mouth can lead to tooth decay and gum disease since the teeth are not being cleansed or mineralized.

Sports drinks should also be avoided because they are filled with sugar.

San Diego Preventative Care

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