How Chewing Gum Helps Oral Health

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April 16, 2019
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How Diet Affects Oral Health
April 23, 2019

How Chewing Gum Prevents Tooth Decay

Although chewing gum is often used to freshen one’s breath, chewing a particular type of gum can decrease one’s chances of developing tooth decay. If individuals chewed sugarless gum for at least twenty minutes after eating their meals, they would be less likely to experience cavities. Because chewing gum produces more saliva, excess food and debris get washed away, making bacteria build up less likely to occur. Increased saliva also levels out the bacteria in the mouth and supplies disease-fighting substances that keep the mouth healthy. Lastly, because saliva contains calcium and phosphate, more saliva flow helps strengthen tooth enamel. 

How to Select the Right Gum

When looking for effective gum to help prevent cavities, it’s important to select gum that has an ADA Seal because that ensures it’s sugarless. Even though the gum is sugarless, it still contains sweeteners that are non-cavity causing, such as aspartame, xylitol, sorbitol, and/or mannitol. Although individuals could still chew gum that contains sugar and benefit from the increased saliva production, plaque bacteria us the sugar to create acids that cause teeth to decay. 

Gum that has an ADA seal on the packaging ensures that it has gone through a rigorous inspection and has met the criteria for safety and quality. Because companies must go through the ADA inspection before being released to the public, all the claims on the packaging have been approved and deemed true.  

Maintaining a Healthy Oral Care Regimen 

Even though chewing sugarless gum has its benefits, it’s still essential for individuals to How Chewing Gum Helps Oral Healthmaintain a healthy oral care regimen, which includes brushing twice daily and at least flossing once daily. When brushing, individuals should use a fluoride toothpaste, which also helps prevent cavities. Flossing will remove unwanted plaque from between the teeth, which will prevent complications from occurring in the future. It’s also very important for individuals to visit their dentist at least twice annually to make sure they’re oral health is intact. 

San Diego Preventative Dentistry

At McBride Dental, we offer various preventative care services for our clients to help keep their teeth and gums strong and healthy. We offer X-rays, deep cleanings, dental sealants, implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and more. It’s important to maintain dental checkups with us because sometimes issues develop without displaying any symptoms. It’s not uncommon for individuals to experience certain complications without knowing until the issue worsens and requires expensive treatment.

For those who are experiencing tooth loss due to poor hygiene or injury, Dr. McBride is one of the few dentists in San Diego who is certified to install implants. We even offer same-day services which makes the process more convenient for our patients. We install implants that are of high quality and are sure to last for years as long as they are maintained properly. If you are in the San Diego area and are interested in any of our services, contact us today to schedule an appointment at 760-471-1003. 

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