How Cracked Teeth Harm Your Overall Health

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February 2, 2022
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How Cracked Teeth Harm Your Overall Health

Cracked teeth can happen if they experienced some type of forceful impact, from eating hard foods, excessive pressure from a strong bite, grinding teeth, and more. Cracked teeth can be unsightly and painful. It is critically important not to ignore cracked teeth and let them linger. Getting to a dentist for treatment is the recommended approach to addressing cracked and chipped teeth.

Vertical or horizontal fractures can happen to teeth either way up above the gum line or down below. Sometimes cracked teeth are clearly identifiable but in other instances, cracks may not be as easily seen. When left without treatment cracks expose your mouth to bacteria seeping in and proliferating which can be a disaster for your mouth and your entire body.

If you have problematic and painful teeth and you live in or around the greater San Diego area, McBride Dental has an experienced and skilled San Diego cosmetic dentist that can help you find a healthful solution to your oral health problems.

How Can Fractured Teeth Affect Your Entire Body?

How Cracked Teeth Harm Your Overall HealthFirst, when you have cracked teeth the amount of destruction that they will impose on your health will happen inside of your mouth. When bacteria are allowed to get into weak spots in your teeth by way of cavities or cracks, they can start to grow rapidly.

Mouth infections will follow and this contamination will start to degrade your teeth and your jawbone. With time, the soft gum tissue can be eaten away and recede exposing nerves and leading to sensitive teeth. The bone tissue will also be affected as it will begin to break down. When the jaw bone is impaired and begins to disintegrate, other teeth in the mouth are subject to losing their hold in your mouth and falling out as a result.

If this is not bad enough, that bacteria that started to get into your system through cracks in teeth can also travel into your bloodstream. Should this happen, your entire body is vulnerable to catastrophic harm including:

  • The chances of having a heart attack increased by 75%.
  • The chances of developing pancreatic cancer increased by 63%.
  • The chances of experiencing a devastating stroke increased by 50%.
  • The chances of developing diabetes increased.
  • The chances of suffering a respiratory ailment or condition increased.
  • The chances of having the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s come about increased.
  • The chances of vision problems increased.
  • The chances of sinus issues increased.
  • The chances of having chronic fatigue syndrome increased.

Cracked and chipped teeth have far-reaching negative health consequences which is why it is so critical that if you have a broken tooth you get taken care of sooner than later.

Speak to a San Diego Restorative Dentist Today

Cracked teeth and missing teeth can be fixed with composite fillings, bridges, and dental implants to name just a few of the remedies that exist. To learn more about the right approach to helping you manage your problem teeth, please call the San Diego dentist at McBride Dental to schedule a free consultation or another dental service appointment at (760) 471-1003. 

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