How Do Teeth Crack and Break?

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How Do Teeth Crack and Break?

The tooth’s enamel is actually the very strongest substance that our body makes. The tooth itself is also made out of durable material that itself is quite strong. Still, our teeth are not free from harm. For example, it is necessary to take good care of your teeth with regular brushing and flossing and by seeing your dentist every year. These actions can protect your teeth from rot and other unwanted negative health outcomes. 

While cavities and teeth are very common problems that people face, so are broken teeth. There are situations and conditions that have the potential to be very damaging to a tooth. If you experienced an event that broke your tooth, the best thing you can do is call your dentist immediately for treatment. 

For patients living in San Diego County who may be suffering from broken teeth, call McBride Dental. McBride Dental is a San Diego County dentist that can help you with all of your dental health needs including broken teeth.

How Can a Tooth Break?

How Do Teeth Crack and BreakThere are several ways that a tooth can break including:

  • Chewing on very hard items like ice
  • Using teeth to tear, cut, or even hold items.
  • Slip and fall accidents.
  • Violent, aggressive events.
  • Chronic teeth grinding and hard clenching of them.
  • Traffic accidents. 
  • Allowing teeth to rot without treatment. When cavities are not attended to, the make structure of the tooth very weak and more prone to breakage.
  • People that have old and vacuous fillings can make the teeth weak.
  • Sports injuries.

Even with regular wear and tear, it is possible that there exists enough pressure that a tooth can crack. Cracked teeth must be taken to the dentist, and the sooner the better. Waiting too long to have your tooth attended to could mean that the crack will just get bigger. This can lead to a broken tooth. With time, it is possible that it may also not be repairable. In this case, there are no other treatments that can fix it other than extraction.

Cracked teeth can also cause pain. But when a qualified dentist, like the San Marcos general dentist at McBride Dental, gets a chance to look at it, you may be able to have it fixed and have your pain relieved.

If a cracked tooth is deep and untreated, bacteria can get in. This means that the likelihood of developing an incredibly painful abscess can form. An abscess is an infection.

Your dentist will examine your cracked or broken tooth and inform you of your treatment options. Some of these could include:

  • Root canal.
  • Crown.
  • Extraction and either a dental implant or a bridge or dental implant may work to fill the hole.

Call the San Diego General Dentist Today

It is essential that if you have a cracked or broken tooth that you get it checked out and treated by your dentist. Call the San Diego cosmetic dentist at McBride Dental to schedule your appointment with one of the friendly staff at (760) 471-1003.  

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