How Do You Treat Gum Disease In San Diego?

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June 7, 2021
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How Do You Treat Gum Disease In San Diego?

If you are suffering from red and inflamed gums without treatment, you can develop periodontal disease. When you have advanced gum disease you are vulnerable to having the soft tissue of your gums degraded away from the tooth, you may suffer bone loss, and as the integrity of your bone and gums wear away, your teeth will start to loosen because they have less structure holding them in. They can even fall out in the most severe cases.

When you first start to experience the signs and symptoms of gingivitis, which is the start of reddening gums and inflammation with potential bleeding, you should immediately make an appointment with a San Marcos gum disease dentist. There are treatments that can be done that can stop the progression of gum disease and allow your mouth to become healthy again. If you are suffering from oral discomfort and oral health issues, McBride Dental is a San Diego gum disease treatment doctor that can assess your condition and provide treatment options that work.

Treatment Options for Gum Disease in San Diego

How Do You Treat Gum Disease In San DiegoEffective gum disease treatment options will calm the swelling and help your body fight off infection. Each patient’s specific dental needs are different, so when you visit Dr. McBride, you will have your mouth examined to determine which is the best approach to help you heal your gum disease. Potentially, all that is needed is deep cleaning and then good oral care at home. In other cases, severe forms of gum disease could require more than one deep dental cleaning on top of advanced at-home care. Sometimes substantial bacterial growth will also need the help of antibiotics. When cleaning and antibiotics are not enough, scaling or even gum surgery may be the next step.

No matter what the course of treatment, all services related to the treatment and healing of gum disease in San Marcos can be done easily in McBride Dental’s office. Stopping gum disease from continuing to flourish can save your teeth and your smile.  Gum disease is a degenerative condition that can quickly progress and lead to an unsightly and painful smile. It can ruin your mouth especially when the disease has gotten so severe that it is attacking your jawbone and causing your teeth to fall out.

When you allow plaque to develop on your teeth, with it comes bacteria. The bacteria can overwhelm the mouth and get into the gum tissue, continuing to grow and infecting it. The good news is that this condition can be treated and the sooner you have it taken care of the better your health outcome will be. In addition to having the gum disease treated, focusing on a targeted at-home routine to support and promote healthy oral hygiene will be discussed.

Make an Appointment with McBride Dental Today

You can overcome your gum disease because this is one condition that is easily treated. This is the good news, but preventing gum disease from developing in the first place should be the goal. Through regular professional dental cleanings in San Diego and a strong home care regiment, you may be able to avoid oral health issues like gum disease. To make your appointment with the San Diego preventative dentist at McBride Dental call (760) 471-1003.

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