How Does Osseointegration Secure Dental Implants?

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Soft Food Tips After Dental Implant Surgery
February 9, 2022
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Oral Irrigators to Clean Dental Implants
February 16, 2022
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How Does Osseointegration Secure Dental Implants?

If you have missing teeth and you are ready for a more permanent approach to fixing them, then dental implants may be just right for your circumstances. The first step is to meet with a qualified dental implant specialist in San Diego to learn more about the process and if you are a good candidate for implants. 

Because of how dental implants secure themselves into the mouth, not every patient is a viable party for having the procedure done. For example, if you have degraded jaw bone tissue that is very soft or quite thin, the implant will not properly adhere and heal securely. In these instances, other options for tooth replacement may be better. But, if you are a candidate, you may be wondering how the dental implant is able to attach so strongly into your mouth. The answer is through the natural process of osseointegration.

What Happens When Osseointegration Takes Place?

How Does Osseointegration Secure Dental ImplantsThere have been several studies that look at the confidence and quality of life for people before they have dental implant surgery and after. The results are fairly consistent and clear, people that get dental implants generally improve their overall standard of living.

Getting to that point though, where you are completely healed and ready to enjoy every bit of your favorite foods again means giving yourself time to work through each step of dental implant surgery. The first part of the surgical procedure is to have the titanium implant placed into your jawbone. After this happens, there will be a time of healing that has to take place before the next step in the process.

While you are healing from the implant placement, you can choose to wear a crown or dentures if you like. You will also have a healing collar that will hold the gum tissue back from growing over the installed post. As you proceed forward during this initial phase of dental implant surgery, osseointegration will begin. 

When your jawbone tissue starts to develop and grow around the post, it will almost absorb the implant into the jaw for a secure fit. Because the post is made of biocompatible materials, your body should accept it easily and allow the osseointegration process to progress. When the healing is complete the post will be permanently fused into your jawbone.

It is critically important not to undermine your recovery and full healing process. You want everything to go off smoothly. Your San Marcos dentist will go over the best practices for healing so that this integration does not fail and the post attaches into the jawbone properly. 

Speak with a San Marcos Dental Implant Dentist Today

If you reside in or near San Diego, and you want to get more information on dental implants, the San Diego implant dentist at McBride Dental can answer your questions and supply you with additional resources. To schedule a free dental implant consultation at McBride Dental, please call (760) 471-1003 today.

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