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Green tea has numerous health benefits that keep the body balanced and vital, but green tea also contains health benefits to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Understanding the benefits of green tea may encourage individuals to incorporate the tea into their daily regimen as part of their preventative care routine.

How Green Tea Helps Gums

Studies show that green tea contains an anti-inflammatory property that prevents gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Because green tea contains the antioxidant catechin, it’s able to reduce inflammation in the gums. Consuming green tea on a regular basis has been proved to help lower one’s chances of developing the gum infection in the long run. Green tea also helps decrease or rid of bleeding gums by strengthening them over time.

How Green Tea Affects Breath

Because green tea has an astringent quality, it naturally cleans the mouth. It eliminates bacterial microbes that promote bad breath by cleansing the areas where bacteria grows, which are usually the sides of the mouth and tongue.

How Green Tea Strengthens Teeth

There are qualities in green tea that keep the tooth enamel strong, which is essential for those who constantly consume coffee and soda. The acid levels contained in those beverages alter the mouth’s pH balance, causing it to rise to hazardous levels that destroy tooth enamel over time. Weak enamel often leads to tooth sensitivity, which could make drinking and eating hot or cold substances unbearable. Consuming at least one cup of green tea every day would counteract this process by keeping the enamel strong, allowing individuals to enjoy food and beverages no matter the temperature.

Many may not be aware that green tea also keeps the teeth stable over time, making the teeth less likely to fall out as individuals age.

How Green Tea Prevents Cavities

Since green tea keeps the mouth’s pH level balanced, it prevents bacteria levels from increasing and causing infections. Therefore, plaque is less likely to build up, which ultimately prevents the development of cavities.

Despite all of the health benefits green tea provides the teeth and gums, there is one downside to constantly consuming it on a daily basis, which is its ability to stain the teeth. To prevent this from happening, individuals should rinse their mouths out with water after consuming each cup of green tea.

San Diego Preventative Care

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