How Harmful is Soda to the Teeth?

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How Harmful is Soda to the Teeth?

Soda has been a highly consumed beverage amongst children, teenagers, and young adults for years. However, this generation has consumed more soda than any other generation. Although soda can be tasty, too much of it can cause oral complications that could lead to gum disease or tooth loss. Studies show that consistently drinking soda is the number one cause of tooth decay. Understanding how soda negatively impacts the teeth can help individuals make healthy changes to their lifestyle in order to prevent oral issues from developing in the future.

How Does Soda Destroy Teeth?

Because soda contains a large amount of sugar, the sugar merges with the bacteria in the mouth and forms acid. The acid then attacks the outer layer of the teeth, also known as enamel. Even though soda offers other alternatives with less sugar, such as diet or sugar-free, they both still contain acid that attacks the teeth. Once an acid attack starts, it lasts for about twenty minutes, and then starts over each time soda is sipped. The more soda consumed, the more the teeth are attacked, and the weaker the enamel becomes. Because children and teenagers don’t have enamel that is fully developed, they are more susceptible to suffer from cavities and tooth decay.

Tips for Soda Lovers

For people who absolutely love soda and don’t want to completely cut it out of their diet, they don’t have to. Drinking soda sporadically How Harmful is Soda to the Teeth?doesn’t have as much of a negative impact as it would if it was consumed daily, or multiple times daily.

Soda lovers can consume soda but should limit it to no more than one can per day. Eventually, the goal should be to consume it occasionally, not every day. Soda lovers should also use a straw to prevent the sugar from latching on to the teeth. After consuming soda, it’s best to swish water around in the mouth to dilute the acid if one is unable to brush their teeth right away. Soda lovers should also drink as much water as possible every day, which will keep them hydrated and less likely to crave soda.

Other tips for maintaining healthy teeth and gums are to chew sugarless gum, brush twice daily, floss once daily, scan labels to assess the sugar content, drink water that contains fluoride, brush teeth with fluoride toothpaste, and maintain dental checkups at least twice a year or more.

San Diego Preventative Care Dentistry

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