How Important is Daily Flossing?

Learning About Your Cosmetic Dental Options in San Marcos
Learning About Your Cosmetic Dental Options in San Marcos
April 21, 2021
What is Tooth Erosion
What is Tooth Erosion?
April 28, 2021
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How Important is Daily Flossing?

Flossing is incredibly important to maintaining proper oral health and should be done on a daily basis just like brushing your teeth. However, one of the biggest challenges dentists face is trying to encourage patients to include flossing in their daily routine. A survey was done by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzing American’s health habits. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that the majority of people in the United States don’t floss regularly or don’t floss at all. According to the survey, only 30% of those interviewed floss each day while more than 69% of those who were included in the survey rarely or never floss.

Neglecting to properly care for your teeth, gums, and tongue can lead to serious health issues. If you have oral health concerns in San Marcos, please connect with McBride Dental. McBride Dental is a San Diego general dentist that can speak with you about your dental health questions and do a full examination to determine what issues exist if any. Dr. McBride can provide you with dental health solutions to maintain your smile.

Why Flossing is So Important

How Important is Daily FlossingIf you aren’t someone who flosses often or ever, understanding the importance of the action may be enough to compel you to get into the habit. When you floss, you:

  • Effectively and more thoroughly remove organic debris from between and around your teeth. This can help reduce harmful plaque build-up which if not removed, the sticky material will continue to accumulate until it eventually hardens. That hard substance that occurs when plaque isn’t properly removed is called tartar. Tartar can cause gum disease and it will eat away at your tooth leading to decay.
  • Keep your smile bright and white. No one likes to smile with yellowed and discolored teeth. To fix the color of your teeth,  you would likely turn to whitening treatments which will help a bit. But the areas where plaque and tartar are present on your teeth won’t get as white as they could because these areas will inhibit the effectiveness of the treatment. So, because flossing can reduce plaque and tartar, doing so allows more of your tooth to be able to accept the whitening treatment and will work much better at keeping your teeth brilliant.
  • Can alleviate the occurrence of bad breath. Due to flossing’s ability to remove organic debris on the teeth, you can avoid or reduce smelly bacteria that flourish in the mouth while those bits rot. Taking these pieces off of your teeth stops bacteria from multiplying.

Speak with a San Diego General Dentist 

Flossing protects you from disease, keeps your breath fresh, reduces tartar from forming, and also maintains a whiter smile. It is alright if you haven’t engaged in regular flossing in San Diego in the past because there is no time like the present! You can start working this healthful action into your routine now. Call the San Marcos family dentist at McBride Dental to schedule a complete exam and professional teeth cleaning at (760) 471-1003. Dr. McBride can give you tips and guidance on how to properly floss and to maintain your oral health.

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