How Long Will My Dentures Last?

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How Long Will My Dentures Last?

When you are missing some or all of your teeth, dentures can be a great option. They are a natural-looking way to replace a few missing teeth or all of them. When considering your options, however, you may wonder what the durability and longevity of a set of dentures may be.

The Longevity of Your Dentures Depends on You

denture dentistOn average, a set of dentures will endure the wear and tear of everyday life for five to 10 years. However, there is no definite way to say whether your dentures will last for five years or if they will last longer than that.

Over the years, you will need adjustments to your dentures. Your gums and bone can shrink with continued denture wear, and changes will be necessary to accommodate this change. A dentist will sometimes reline your dentures, altering the base to fit your gums better. You might also need your dentures to be rebased, adding a new base to them to suit your mouth better. These adjustments and other adjustments are often initially sufficient to keep your dentures in the best shape. When it is time to get an entirely new set of dentures, your dentist will let you know.

Take Care of Your Dentures to Give Them the Longest Life Possible

While replacement dentures may be inevitable as the years progress, you may be able to delay replacing your dentures by taking care of them.

Dentures must be cleaned every day. When you take them out for the night, you will need to brush your dentures before you soak them in denture cleaner. This way, you can remove any food remnants before soaking. After soaking, you will need to brush them again, working carefully not to scrub your teeth enough to damage them. Do not just focus on the teeth. You will also need to clean the surface that fits the dentures to your gums. A dentist can help clean any stains or other problems that you may be unable to take care of yourself.

Another essential part of cleaning your dentures is making sure that you do not drop them. One of the easiest ways to end up needing to replace your dentures is by dropping them. A set of dentures can break fairly easily, and one slip of the hand can cause them to hit the floor and crack or fracture. To avoid this, it is essential to clean your dentures while holding them over something that would soften the blow if you do drop them, such as a towel.

Talk to Your Dentist About Keeping Your Dentures in Good Shape

At McBride Dental, we can advise you on how to guarantee you can keep your dentures for years to come. We can make the adjustments you need to keep them comfortable and increase their longevity. If you have any questions about getting dentures or maintaining your dentures, contact us today. Our experienced staff will help you learn how to keep your dentures in the best shape.


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