How Safe are Dental X-Rays?

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Homecare Tips for Dental Implant Patients
March 9, 2022
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March 16, 2022
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How Safe are Dental X-Rays?

If you visit the dentist regularly, two times or more per year, then you understand that there are appointments when you have to have X-rays done. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with the types of procedures that happen during professional dental cleanings and examinations, this may be because you do not see your dentist as often as you should. It is incredibly important to preserve your oral health because not only does that protect your teeth and gums, but doing so can also keep your overall health in good condition. Seeing your dentist is critical to the upkeep of strong teeth and gums.

The San Diego dentist at McBride Dental provides several advantageous dental services to residents of the community. Dr. McBride is a caring dental physician with more than 30 years of experience helping patients in the greater San Diego area keep their smiles strong and bright. If it has been a long time since you last visited the dentist or if you are looking for a seasoned and compassionate provider, please consider connecting with McBride Dental.

Is it Safe to Have Dental X-Rays Done?

How Safe are Dental X-RaysDental x-rays are an essential part of a comprehensive dental care program. These images allow your dentist to see deep within your teeth, jaw, and facial structure to identify any potential issues that may exist so rapid treatment can be administered.

A common question that patients have is regarding the safety of getting dental x-rays. If you are one of these individuals that are concerned about dental x-rays the good news is that they are safe. This is because the x-rays your dentist uses only have a very minute amount of radiation. The exposure you get from an x-ray at your dentist’s office is comparable to the amount that you would get from spending a day outdoors enjoying the sunshine. Radiation from taking a trip on an airplane is even higher than what you would be subject to at your San Marcos family dentist.

In addition to the very small amount of radiation that is involved with a dental x-ray, only the area being imaged is exposed to radiation. Meaning, the vast majority of your body is generally not succumbing to radiation, and, while you are having your x-rays done, you will be outfitted with a heavy layer of protection. The lead blankets that are placed over patients when an x-ray is performed are used to provide an additional layer of defense from radiation.

On top of these considerations, several government agencies and professional organizations have established safety guidelines that aim to minimize radiation exposure wherever possible and protect public health. The Centers for Devices and Radiological Health is one example of such a government entity.

Make an Appointment with Your Local San Diego Dentist Today

Feeling apprehensive about seeing your dentist and having x-rays done is understandable. But the good news is that you do not have to feel anxious about dental x-rays because the minimal amount of radiation they emit combined with other safety protocols make getting these images quite safe. 

If you are still unsure, you can meet with the San Marcos dentist at McBride Dental to answer all of your questions. Call McBride Dental today to schedule an appointment at (760) 471-1003.  


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