How Sugar Can Damage Children’s Teeth

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How Sugar Can Damage Children’s Teeth

Children can have quite the sweet tooth and struggle to eat good whole foods, but at the same time have no issue when it comes to candies and other sugary treats. Whether it is a cup of juice right after waking up, a cookie for lunch with a juice box to wash it down, or a sweet treat as a reward after eating dinner, throughout the day, children can take in a lot of sugar. Outside of the foods that are clearly laden with sugar, many foods we eat are full of sugar additives as well. Reducing sugar intake for yourself can be hard, but helping wean kids off of it may also not be the easiest task. However, it is still a worthwhile endeavor to engage in.

Too much sugar in the diet can be immensely harmful to a child’s health, growth, and development. If sugar and other foods that are nothing more than empathy calories are filling your child up, they lose the space in their bellies for good foods that can actually benefit their overall well-being. Brain health and weight issues can result from too much sugar and your child’s teeth can also be harmed when constantly exposed to sugar.

Limiting Sugar Consumption in Children

Tips for Reducing Sugar Intake in ChildrenIt can be hard to get your child to eat whole fruits and vegetables, good quality dairy, and protein. But the struggle is worth it because it can help your child get the nutrition they need for optimal growth. Whether your child regularly enjoys soft drinks, juices, candy, baked goods, or other sugary desserts, these foods can quickly put them over their daily suggested sugar limit, which, according to the World Health Organization should only be 5% of their total calories consumed each day.

If your child is eating too much sugar, then they are doing so to the detriment of their oral health. Sugar can eat away at the tooth’s protective enamel and cause rot or cavities to develop. Cavities can be painful and if left untreated, they will only continue to get worse. Tooth loss could result. 

If your child is having issues with their oral health or you would like to get them in to see a dentist for a professional cleaning and examination, in California, the San Diego family dentist at McBride Dental can help.

Ridding your child of sugar in their regular daily diet is a good thing. But if you cannot completely do that, then these tips can help lessen the amount of sugar your child takes in:

  1. Opt for water and plain milk as drink options for your children and limit the juices, even those that say no sugar added.
  2. If your child is not eating 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables, they are not getting enough nutritious plant-based foods in their daily diet. So, make it a priority to have more fruits or vegetables in each meal and snack every day. The fiber in these plants can also help your child feel fuller longer.
  3. Restrict or minimize processed foods. 
  4. Cook your own meals so you can control what is in them.
  5. When you hit the road, make sure to have a bunch of healthful snacks for your children so you are not tempted to quickly buy a sugary snake if they get fussy.

Speak to a San Diego Family Dentist Today

Working to limit the amount of sugar your children have in their diet is beneficial for their well-being. Also, to keep their oral health on track, seeing the dentist for exams and dental cleanings is essential.

McBride Dental welcomes you to call today at (760) 471-1003 to make a dentist appointment for your child. 

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