How to Avoid Problems with Your Dentures

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How to Avoid Problems with Your Dentures

Keeping your dentures in tip-top shape is essential. Having properly fitted dentures will give you the confidence to show off your smile and give you an invigorating boost to your quality of life.

While it can seem like a lot of work to keep your dentures in the best shape, it is worth it to maintain the quality of life you will receive from your new smile. Improper care can also lead to issues such as sores in your mouth, not being able to speak clearly, or not being able to consume the foods that you want and need to eat. Luckily, there are simple steps you can follow to avoid any potential future problems with your dentures.

Simple Steps to Keep Your Dentures in Good Shape

Dentures Dentist San DiegoIf you want to guarantee that your dentures do not cause you any problems, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Handle your dentures carefully – While dentures are sturdy enough to handle the everyday functions of chewing and speaking, they do not hold up as well to being dropped on a hard surface. It is recommended that to keep your dentures from breaking on a counter or table surface, clean them over a towel. This habit will soften the blow if they are dropped. You can also clean them carefully and avoid scrubbing them too hard to make sure they do not break. If you accidentally break the dentures, make sure you visit your dentist. You should not attempt any repairs that could lead to ill-fitting or dysfunctional dentures.


  • Maintain good oral hygiene – The best way to avoid developing pain or infection is to create and maintain a great oral hygiene routine. Make sure to brush your entire mouth, from your gums to your tongue to your remaining teeth. You should also be cleaning and soaking your dentures every night to keep them in the best shape.


  • Take time to adjust to your new dentures – If you are new to dentures, you should be careful in the early days of wearing them. Giving your mouth a break by taking out the dentures for a few hours every day can be extremely helpful during the adjustment period. If you are having problems transitioning to chewing with your new dentures, you can use nutritional shakes to help your body get the nutrients it needs.
  • Schedule regular dentist visits – An essential part of avoiding denture problems is to visit your dentist regularly. Dentists can monitor the fit of your dentures and the health of any remaining teeth you may have. The dentist can also make adjustments to improve the fit of the dentures. You can also discuss any potential issues your dentures have caused with them to get the answers you need.



All in all, proper denture care adds only a few extra steps to your pre-denture dental hygiene routine. If you want to keep your dentures fitting comfortably, it is easy to follow these steps. Don’t forget to contact us at McBride Dental if you do experience any discomfort or other problems with your dentures.

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