How to Care for Your Tongue and Lip after You Bite It

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How to Care for Your Tongue and Lip after You Bite It

That pain that you have when you accidentally bite your lip or nip your tongue can send you flying off of your chair. Unintentionally clamping one’s tongue or lip with our own teeth happens to all of us at some point in our lives. After we have done damage to our tissue, the area we bit can become raised and tender.

For the most part, these injuries are minor and will resolve themselves in little to no time. This is because the tissue that makes up our cheeks, gums, tongue, and inside the lip has the ability to regenerate at a faster rate than other skin tissues in our body. Still, if you truly take a substantial snap at your oral tissue, that can really hurt.

As long as the damage done is not considerable, like could be the case after a bad sports injury or a car accident, you may be able to take care of the laceration without medical attention. Then, you can quickly get the relief you need and keep your wound prepped and ready for fast healing.

Caring for Bit Oral Tissue

How to Care for Your Tongue and Lip after You Bite ItThe first thing to do once you bite your oral tissue is to wash the area. This will give you a much better view of the damage. You can simply use a cold water wash or you may add some salt to that cold water flush of your mouth. 

Then, after you have identified where the bite happened, you can assess it to see if there are any particles or debris that are stuck inside. If bit your lip during eating, for example, you may not have an issue with rubbish left behind. However, if you were in a car accident, depending on how your lip or tongue damage happened, there could be small bits of broken glass or other bits lodged in the wound. In this situation, it is best to seek the medical care of a professional to have your injury properly cleaned and treated. Otherwise, you can simply dab it with gauze to clear off any superficial accumulation.

If your oral tissue harm caused bleeding you want to stop that and get it under control. A minor wound may be able to easily get the bleeding to subside. When the bleeding is uncontrolled and not so easily put at bay, apply pressure with clean gauze or another type of rag or towel. In severe cases where you just cannot get the bleeding to cease, you should get to your San Marcos family dentist or go to a medical facility to have a professional provide assistance.

Once bleeding is slowed down and stopped, you may experience swelling. Cold can combat this. Use a cold compress against the swollen parts for 10-20 minutes. To help with pain, over-the-counter medicines may suffice. 

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