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Dentures are a great solution for individuals who have lost their teeth due to poor oral hygiene or in an injury. To maintain long-lasting dentures, patients must follow specific maintenance techniques to keep their dentures in great shape. If dentures still happen to break or weaken, then patients must find a dental office that offers denture repair.

Denture Cleaning Procedures

The most important aspect of denture maintenance is that dentures must be cleaned every day, just like natural teeth. This helps prevent them from becoming permanently stained. Fortunately, there are cleansers for removable dentures that patients can purchase in the form of tablets, creams, pastes, gels, and solutions. Before using a cleansing solution, the dentures must be thoroughly rinsed to remove any food particles or denture adhesives.

How to Maintain Healthy DenturesIf patients purchase the tablet cleanser, the tablet should be dropped in a warm cup of water where it then dissolves into an effervescent solution. Dentures will soak in the solution for however long the manufacturer requires. Soaking in the solution kills germs that could cause odor. If patients purchase the cleansing creams, pastes, or gels, these are brushed onto the dentures once they are removed from the mouth.

Dentures should never be cleaned while still in the mouth. When brushing, it’s important not to brush too hard because doing so could develop grooves in the surface. It’s also necessary to brush all surfaces of the dentures, including the section that fits to the gums. Individuals should never wear their dentures overnight unless there is a specific reason for doing so.

When to Get Dentures Repaired

There are circumstances where denture damage isn’t necessarily due to poor maintenance. Sometimes dentures get damaged from breaking or weakening over time. If this occurs, rebasing could be a solution if the dentures are still in good condition compared to the denture base material. Rebasing consists of replacing the entire acrylic denture without removing the denture teeth. Rebasing and lining are similar, the difference is that rebasing replaces all the pink-acrylic denture base versus only removing the lining.

Dentures may also need to be repaired or re-made due to the change in the shape of one’s mouth. Some patients’ bone and gum ridges shrink over time, which cause the jaws to shift and meet differently. Wearing loose dentures could cause not only discomfort but also health problems, such as infections or sores in the mouth.

Regular checkups with a dentist will keep patients informed about the status of their dentures so they can avoid any complications.

Experienced California Denture Dentists

At McBride Dental, we offer one-hour denture repair because we do all our reparations in office which gives us the ultimate control over quality and the final product. Because we have an on-site lab, we can fix broken dentures, repair cracked dentures, and replace a lost denture tooth all in one day. Most denture repairs only take one hour at our office, which means patients can stay and wait for their dentures to get fixed.  Because we are located near other businesses that provide shops and services, patients can also relax elsewhere for an hour and then return for their repaired dentures. If you, or someone you know, needs their dentures repaired quickly, call 760-471-1003 to set up an appointment.

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