How to Maintain Healthy Gums

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June 29, 2020
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Identifying & Eliminating Dental Plaque
July 13, 2020

From using braces to straighten them to yearly whitening treatments, the average person puts a great deal of focus on the way their teeth look. As important as the appearance and the health of your teeth are, the health of your gums is also very important. 

How Important Are Healthy Gums? 

How to Maintain Healthy Gums

No matter how much work you put into making sure your teeth are healthy, neglecting to take care of your gums can seriously endanger your oral health. Developing gum disease is just as possible in someone who has never had a single cavity as it is in someone who has had various oral health issues? In fact, neglecting to care for your gums could, over time, cause your teeth to fall out altogether. 

How to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Including just a few additional steps to your daily dental routine can help keep your gums and teeth as healthy as possible.

Floss Every Day

Flossing after you brush is the best way to get rid of any remaining food particles from between your teeth. As long as you floss at least once a day you will significantly cut down on the amount of plaque build-up in your mouth and eventually leads to tooth decay and gum disease. 

Use an Antibacterial Mouthwash

Gargling and rinsing out your mouth using an antibacterial mouthwash will benefit your oral health in several different ways. It does an excellent job of getting rid of the debris that floss and your toothbrush are unable to reach. Antibacterial mouthwash also helps to get rid of the plaque that forms on your teeth and is the underlying cause of many oral health problems. It also decreases the growth rate of tartar and gives you fresh breath. 

Make Healthy Food Choices

You don’t need to go vegan or stop eating bread, but curbing the amount of chewy, sticky, and sugary foods is a foolproof, albeit somewhat challenging, way to really slow down the build-up of plaque. 

At McBride Dental, we want to help you and your family do everything possible to have and preserve healthy teeth and gums. By scheduling regular appointments with your California family dentist and practicing the oral care techniques we teach you, your whole family will easily maintain teeth that are healthy, strong, and effective.

The San Marcos dentist office of Dr. Michael McBride is staffed with San Diego area dentists that are ready to address any concerns you may have regarding common dental procedures, as well as preventative, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry. We also provide sedation dentistry treatments as an option for our patients with severe dental anxiety.

It is our job to help you and your family establish healthy dental habits to make sure that your teeth will always be there when you need them and your smile will always look great.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a San Marcos dentist, please give us a call at (760) 471-1003 and speak with a trained member of our dental staff today.


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