If You’ve Been Told Not to Floss, Keep Doing It

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If You’ve Been Told Not to Floss, Keep Doing It

A while back a few sensationalist internet news articles began circulating, claiming that flossing was ineffective and basically useless.

There was a particular study that these articles cited. It was a meta-study, analyzing the results of other studies that had been done. They concluded that flossing as done by the majority of the population didn’t help oral health very much. They were wrong, because they looked at the wrong things.

Flossing is only ineffective if it is done wrong. One of the studies found that people who had their teeth flossed regularly by a hygienist benefitted greatly, while those who did their own did not. This means that the only difference between effective and ineffective flossing is your technique.

We won’t repeat what you’ve been told before about how to floss. There’s just one part that most people miss. The C-shape. If you don’t wrap the floss around your teeth in a C-shape, then the floss only contacts a very small portion of your teeth. That is what makes it ineffective. By wrapping the floss around the tooth, much more surface is cleaned. This is what makes all the difference.

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