Implant Dentistry – Understanding Benefits, Preparation, and Procedure Process

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Implant Dentistry – Understanding Benefits, Preparation, and Procedure Process

For individuals who have lost teeth due to improper oral hygiene or injury, dental implant surgery is an excellent solution to replace the teeth and regain a natural smile. Implants are also a great alternative to bridges or dentures that no longer fit well. Individuals interested in implant dentistry should be examined by an experienced California dental professional like those at McBride to receive a tailored surgery and recovery plan.

Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Unlike dentures or bridges, implant dentistry is installed as a root for missing teeth. The titanium in the implants sets into the jawbone, which gives the implant a strong foundation so that they don’t slip, make noise, or cause bone damage. Another beneficial aspect is that implants can’t decay like regular teeth can if they were supporting bridges. Implants also don’t affect the surrounding teeth.

Preparing for Implant Dentistry

If an individual is interested in receiving implants, the first step is to schedule an appointment with a dental professional to receive a comprehensive dental exam. Once x-rays are taken, as well as models of the teeth and mouth, Implant Dentistry – Understanding Benefits, Preparation, and Procedure Processthen an individualized treatment plan will be created for the patient depending on how many teeth are being replaced. Treatment plans also vary depending on if an individual is taking certain medications or has any previous medical issues.

There are different pain management options while undergoing surgery. Patients have the options of using local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia. Depending on the type of anesthesia being used, patients will be instructed on what to eat and drink prior to surgery. Dental professionals will determine which pain management option is appropriate based on the individual’s needs.

Implant Dentistry Procedure

There are some individuals who do not have enough jawbone to support dental implants, which means bone must be used from another part of the body to fill in the missing portion. Patients can also use artificial bone if need be. This can slow down the procedure process because it may take months before the transplanted bone grows into the new bone.

During the implantation procedure, the patient’s gums are cut open and holes are drilled deep into the bone to secure the root of the implant. It could take several months for the jawbone to grow in and connect to the implant. Once the healing process is completed, the gums will get reopened up to attach the abutment to the implant. Two weeks later, once the gums have completely healed, the artificial teeth can be installed.

California Implant Dentist

At McBride Dental, Dr. McBride has years of experience practicing implant dentistry. He tailors treatment plans to fit each patient’s needs after a thorough examination. He is Board Certified to replace and restore various types of dental implants. This procedure is one of the healthiest ways for patients to obtain the natural smile they desire. If you, or someone you know, is interested in implant dentistry, call 760-471-1003 to schedule an appointment. We believe our patients deserve to have the smile they desire.

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