Improved Dental Implant Technology In San Diego

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April 7, 2021
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Improved Dental Implant Technology In San Diego

During its infancy, dental bone grafting and dental implants were not without their risk. Dental implants in San Diego had varied results and the surgical procedure itself was quite complex. Infections happened frequently and were a complication that some patients had to experience. As with any type of medical procedure, over time, methods are improved and as technology advances, the whole process becomes safer. This is true with respect to dental bone grafting and dental implants.

There are several benefits that dental implants offer patients. Renewing joy in a patient’s life with a prettier smile and the ability to eat a wide variety of different foods can make a big difference. If you want to restore your smile, the San Marcos cosmetic dentist at McBride Dental can answer your questions and perform the procedure. You don’t have to feel any sort of anxiety about dental implants or bone grafting because these operations are incredibly safe and lead to less downtime because of faster healing.

How Have Improvements in Technology Allowed for Dental Implants and Bone Grafting to Become Safer?

Improved Dental Implant and Bone Grafting Technology In San DiegoOne of the important improvements was the ability to make use of synthetic materials instead of having to use live donor bone tissue. Synthetic bone materials over donor bone tissue reduced the risk of infection substantially to the point that it is very rare for a patient to have to worry about suffering this side effect. Even the synthetic material that is now used continues to improve in quality and effectiveness. Recently, bioactive proteins have been included in the grafting material which has made it even better. With the addition of bioactive proteins, patients are healing even faster and there is more promotion of substantial bone and gum proliferation. This helps secure and preserve the nerves and dental implants.

Bone grafting alone can be extremely beneficial for patients that have lost teeth. Grafting keeps the bone where there is a missing tooth strong and helps protect its shape. Even without implants, bone grafting helps preserve bone integrity and also keeps other teeth in the mouth healthy. Additionally, if a patient decides that they would like to explore having dental implants in the future, they will have the option. Without a dental bone grafting procedure in San Marcos, a patient’s bones will be vulnerable to damage and the size will actually dwindle making any prospect of future implants potentially impossible. Patients can also experience issues with having dentures properly fit when the bone near missing teeth is not repaired.

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Dr. McBride is a San Diego cosmetic dentist that can help you restore and transform your smile while also supporting superior oral health. If you are unsure about what procedures are available that can improve your oral health needs, you can easily schedule a free consultation to meet with Dr. McBride. It is possible to get the smile you want and McBride Dental is committed to offering effective dental services in San Marcos. Call McBride Dental at (760) 471-1003. 

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