Is it Necessary to Wait to Eat After Brushing Your Teeth?

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Is it Necessary to Wait to Eat After Brushing Your Teeth?

At the very least, you should be brushing your teeth in the morning when you get up and at night before bed. But if you start to feel those pangs of hunger, you may be wondering if you should wait a bit before you eat something. After all, you just cleaned your teeth, it is reasonable to question if food particles in your mouth will undo all of the good you just did and actually damage your teeth.  

The answer to waiting to eat after brushing one’s teeth is a little bit complicated. And, depending on your specific dental needs, what a dentist will tell you could be different from what they advise someone else. It is important to always maintain good oral hygiene and keep your teeth clean so that they do not develop harmful cavities and spots of decay. Brushing your teeth is only one of the necessary actions to take. Flossing and mouthwash daily are also important just as seeing your dentist a minimum of two times each year is.

If you would like to schedule a professional dental checkup and cleaning in San Marcos, or if you have questions about the best way to maintain good oral hygiene, the San Marcos family dentist at McBride Dental can help.

Waiting to Brush Your Teeth After Eating

Is it Necessary to Wait to Eat After Brushing Your Teeth?In most cases, it is fine for people to eat after they have brushed. Though fluoridated toothpaste is used to strengthen the tooth’s protective coating, its enamel. So for patients that have issues with weakened enamel and suffer regular dental carries then it may be best to wait a bit before eating. Once you eat, your start to produce saliva to help with the digestive process. As you eat, that fluoride you just applied to your teeth with a good brushing can be washed off of your teeth. As such, individuals that do struggle with cavities may benefit from keeping food and drinks at bay after brushing so they can make the most out of the fluoride on their teeth.

On the other hand, it may also be necessary to wait for brushing after you eat too. Here, if the food you ate was acidic or if it was full of sugar, then this will affect the integrity of your enamel. These foods actually make enamel soft. Soft enamel becomes more vulnerable to being destroyed by brushing. The bristles of your brush can graze the surface of your teeth. 

Generally, the best thing to do after eating is to rinse one’s mouth out with good old-fashioned water. Then give it some time, 20 minutes should do it before you get in there and brush your teeth. When you just ate something that was particularly sugary or acidic you could benefit from using mouthwash.

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In conclusion, not everyone will have to be so meticulous with timing when they brush their teeth. But everyone and specifically those with cavity-prone teeth can benefit from waiting after brushing to eat and also to wait to brush after eating. For more information on best dental practices, or to schedule a dental appointment, please call McBride Dental today at (760) 471-1003.

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