Myths and Facts About Dentures

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Can Mutated Genes Cause Missing Teeth?
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Eating Disorders and Oral Health
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Myths and Facts About Dentures

Missing teeth is a widespread, worldwide problem with as many as 158 million people and more having no natural teeth at all. There are many approaches to fixing missing teeth and restoring one’s mouth. Some, like dental implants, are actually long-term to permanent solutions to holes in the mouth from missing teeth. While the popularity of dental implants is growing rapidly because of the many benefits these dental prosthetics offer, the American College of Prosthodontics reports that 90% of the population throughout the United States that have no teeth use dentures.

If you have missing teeth or issues with your oral health, Dr.McBride is a San Diego cosmetic dentist that can examine your particular situation and provide remedies that you can consider to fix your dental woes. 

Truths and Misconceptions About Dentures

Myths and Facts About DenturesBecause denture use is so prevalent, it is likely that you may know someone who wears dentures or have at least heard some commentary about what it is like to use these dental prosthetics. As a result, there is a lot of information out there but weeding truth from fiction can help you get a better understanding of what dentures are and what tooth replacement options actually exist.

You Can Remove All Types of Dentures From Your Mouth

There are removable dentures but there are also more permanent options like dental implants. Dental implant surgery places a dental implant into the jawbone for the bone to fuse around and keep stable in place. Then a crown is placed over the implant that is durable and looks and functions like one’s regular, natural teeth.

Using Dentures or Dental Implants Means You No Longer Have to See the Dentist

Just because your teeth are not natural does not mean there is no need to see a dentist. Not only will your dentist make sure that your prosthetics are fitting well and in good condition, but regular exams also can keep an eye on potential oral health diseases that could be present.

It’s Harder to Eat With Removeable Dentures

Eating is harder with removable dentures because they may not be as stable as permanent implants. So, they can have a tendency to move around in the mouth making eating a little more challenging.

Dentures Look Like Fake Teeth

Many years ago, dentures did not have the aesthetic that they do today. Dentures and dental implants have come a long way. Today, these dental prosthetics are made to look very convincingly just like your natural teeth.

Dentures Require Specialty Care

It is imperative that denture-wearers take good care of their dentures. Cleaning them, cleaning the inside of the mouth and the soft tissues with a soft-bristled brush, always rinsing after eating, and soaking dentures while asleep are just some of the extra steps that are necessary to take care of the dental prosthetics.

Speak With a San Diego Denture Specialist

If you would like to learn more about dentures, how they work, and if they are the right fit for your missing teeth, the San Diego denture specialist at McBride Dental can answer all of these questions and more. Call The San Marcos Dentist at McBride Dental today to schedule a free consultation at (760) 471-1003.

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