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National Smile Month

National Smile Month is dedicated to improving the oral healthcare of local communities. The Oral Health Foundation team utilizes National Smile Month to partner with oral health professionals, educators, workplaces, and schools in an effort to deliver oral health education. The efforts are particularly focused on less fortunate communities and areas known to have poor oral health.

National Smile Month was created almost 40 years ago, and has continued into the new millenia. This special month facilitated thousands of projects and events and continues to shine as a beacon of oral health inspiration.

By participating in grassroots activities like talks, fun days, sponsored events, displays, roadshows, competitions, and more, the organization’s ultimate purpose of involving people in the importance of oral health comes closer to fruition.

National Smile Month Events and Messages

National Smile MonthJust in the last two years, over 2,000 events revolving around oral health have been organized throughout the United Kingdom as part of National Smile Month.

National Smile month is the biggest and longest-running campaign in the United Kingdom and perhaps the world, that aims to promote optimum oral health.

With the assistance of several thousand organizations and individuals, National Smile Month focuses on three primary messages. All of these go a long way toward improving a person’s oral health. They are:

  • Twice a day, brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Minimize consumption of sugary foods like candy and sugary drinks like soda.
  • Make regular trips to the dentist

The goal of National Smile Month is to increase awareness of issues surrounding oral health and ultimately to improve the UK’s oral health overall. Created by the Oral Health Foundation, an oral health charity, this campaign seeks to enact positive change in the oral health of as many people as possible.

With the enthusiasm and aid of people who have a passion for wellbeing and health, National Smile Month will witness thousands of activities and events across the United Kingdom. These events will team up with local communities to teach them the importance of oral health.

2018’s National Smile Month will occur from May 14th to June 14th. The organization encourages all dental and health professionals, pharmacies, schools, colleges, workplaces, and community groups to join together to help motivate and educate others to promote healthy smiles all around the world.

Take a Smiley during National Smile Month

Just about everyone is familiar with the term “selfie.” This word has even made its way into the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

While selfies have become popular, not everyone smiles when they take a selfie. So, this National Smile Month, we encourage you to take a “smiley.” So many people smile less often than they should – often due to poor oral health.

At McBride Dental, we’re committed to your oral health. Come take a smiley with us today.



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