Nervous About Wisdom Tooth Extraction? Let Us Help

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Nervous About Wisdom Tooth Extraction? Let Us Help

Wisdom teeth are known as third molars. Your dentist may have told you that you need your wisdom teeth taken out because there is a lack of space for your teeth to push through into the gums. If your wisdom teeth have pushed through with room in your jaw, then you shouldn’t experience problems as you age. However, if the dentist confirms that your teeth are impacted, you will have issues as you age and they will need to be assessed, probably leading to a removal process.

Why it Pays To Have Them Removed

You may be scared about the process because you have never gone through dental surgery of any kind. However, there are some good reasons that point toward you going through the removal.

wisdom tooth removalHelping Relieve Pain: One of the first symptoms you probably noticed regarding your wisdom teeth is how they are trying to push through the gums. This causes immense pain at times. You experience this pain in waves, which means that it will come often, and then disappear for quite some time. The pain could also be caused by other reasons, such as infection or teeth pressing against one another.

Crowding: Crowding” occurs when teeth start to push against one another due to pressure. Perhaps you need orthodontic work, but you probably can’t have this done until your wisdom teeth are removed.

Cysts: A cyst is a sack of fluid that forms around the tooth. It can actually lead to a shift in the position of your tooth, as well as wreak havoc in your mouth by destroying bone and causing damage to your gums.

Ulcers: Your teeth could rub against your cheek, which could cause painful ulcers that give you great discomfort over time.

Trapped Food: Misalignment can lead to food getting trapped in your gums. This could also lead to increased cavities or decay, as well as bad breath in the minor cases.

Ways to Relieve the Stress

You may have read everything under the sun about wisdom tooth removal: how you may have pain for a few weeks, how there will be swelling, or how you have to make the decision to stay awake or be put to sleep for your surgery. You have many options and many things to look forward to. We want to help you have the best removal possible with the least amount of pain, so remember these quick tips:

  • Bring a friend along with you to the dentist’s office for moral support and for afterward if you are medicated for your procedure.
  • Keep your head elevated, as it should help keep swelling under control.
  • Make sure you get plenty of rest.
  • Stock up on plenty of soft foods to let your mouth property heal and avoid infections at all costs.
  • Resist the urge to brush your teeth – at least for the first day.

At McBride Dental, we want you to have the best dental experience possible and lessen your stress along the way. We understand that many patients feel anxiety before they go through a major procedure, but we can help relax your thoughts and get you ready for the day. Contact us as soon as possible for any procedure you may need, at 760-471-1003. We are here for you.





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