MTM Clear Aligner

Healthy Smile ~ Healthy Life!

Do you wish you could straighten your smile without the use of traditional metal braces? If so, we at McBride Dental invite you to try MTM® Clear•Aligner. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Michael McBride today to learn if this treatment is right for you!

These clear, removable aligners are custom made to fit your unique smile and improve alignment flaws such as gaps and crooked teeth. During your treatment period, you will visit the dentist every few weeks to receive fresh aligners that are fitted to continue your smile’s progression.

With MTM Clear•Aligner, there is no need to struggle with visible metal brackets and wires. Thanks to the clear plastic of the aligner, your orthodontic treatment will be discreet and convenient. You can remove the aligners during meal times and teeth cleanings. That means you will still be able to enjoy your favorite foods. Also, you do not need to worry about food particles becoming trapped in your orthodontic appliance. We do, however, recommend that you clean your aligner regularly. It can cause your teeth to appear stained, grey, or discolored if left uncleaned.

MTM Clear•Aligner allows patients to improve the look and health of their smiles without having to make sacrifices in their appearance or lifestyles. If you are interested in experiencing MTM Clear•Aligner in San Marcos, California, contact our dentist and team at 760-471-1003 today!