San Diego Family Dentistry: What To Do When Your Child is Afraid of the Dentist

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San Diego Family Dentistry: What To Do When Your Child is Afraid of the Dentist

Fear of the dentist is just one big concern in family dentistry. Luckily, the San Diego family dentists at McBride Dental specialize in the treatment of dental care in children. Fear of the dentist is quite common, but some children have such mounting fears that they become terrified when it’s time for their checkup. By taking a few small steps, you can help your child overcome their fear and be comfortable during their checkups.

Why is Your Child Afraid of the Dentist

Managing a child’s fears of the dentist can take as many forms as their reaction to the fear. Perhaps they become anxious because they know that their parents are also anxious every time they go to the dentist. Perhaps your child had a bad experience at the dentist one time because it caused them pain, and now they’re afraid every time they return. Their fear might also originate from a fear of the dental instruments being used, the unappealing setting of the office, or their discomfort with having strangers so close to them.

Your child has options when it comes to the managing and abating their fear of the dentist, even if they become extremely fearful when they are finally sitting in that chair. The level of dental fear that your child exhibits can vary depending on the child and the factors that have contributed to this fear over time. Some of the clear signs that your child is afraid of the dentist include wanting to miss or cancel their appointment, fainting, sweating, having a flushed expression, or even crying each and every time they go. At McBride Dental, we understand that going to the dentist can be a scary experience, and we’re committed to relieving you of your dental anxiety no matter your age.

How You Can Help Your Child

One of the best ways to help your child through this difficult time is by creating a friendly image of the dentist for your child. Even children who you believe will never overcome their fears still have hope. Parents should always avoid telling their children that they are anxious about the dentist, and instead put on a brave face when it comes time for a dental checkup. Children often reflect the San Diego Family Dentistry: What To Do When Your Child is Afraid of the Dentistemotions they perceive in the adults around them, and by being brave, you can help your child overcome their own nervousness about the dentist.

By providing your child with information about their treatment, discussing their feelings with them, and helping them with relaxation techniques, you can help your child through this difficult time and help them overcome their dentist fears.

In addition, you want to ensure that your child is seeing the dentist from an early age instead of starting them late. The sooner they become accustomed to the dentist and the dental process, the easier time they’ll have. The experienced San Diego dentists and dental assistants at McBride Dental are experts in their field and can help you and your family navigate through these dental fears and provide the most relaxed visit possible.

McBride Dental also offers a variety of sedation techniques to assist with a patient’s nerves and discomfort. These techniques include the use of nitrous oxide and valium and can help manage any pain and relax a nervous patient. Before pursuing any of these methods, you should first speak with one of our experienced San Diego dentists to ensure the technique is safe for the age of your child.

San Diego Family Dentistry

You don’t want your child to miss these essential dental visits. It is essential for your child to start having dental visits from the very beginning, which is why we at McBride Dental want to bring them the most comforting experience. Contact us today at 760-471-1003 for more information on how we can help.

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