Signs That You Probably Need Orthodontic Work

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November 19, 2020
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What Is a Dental Crown?
November 26, 2020
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Signs That You Probably Need Orthodontic Work

Nobody is giddy at the thought of getting major orthodontic work done. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is unavoidable though. 

The temporary aches and pains caused by orthodontics outweigh dealing with a lifetime of serious, ongoing oral health problems. A wide array of orthodontic treatments and procedures are available to help you with whatever your dental issue may be, and a lot of them are hardly noticeable.  

Listed below are a few symptoms that may indicate you need orthodontic work. If you suffer from any of these issues, don’t just brush them off, and don’t try to ignore them. Schedule an appointment with your dental professional so they can assess the situation and help you come up with a solution.

Indications that you need to see an orthodontist concerning your oral health include:

Your Teeth Do Not Align Correctly When Your Mouth Is Closed  

Signs That You Probably Need Orthodontic Work

Each person is unique so slight variations in your teeth and the structure of your jaw are to be expected. By and large, however, when you close your mouth, the bottom row and top row of your teeth should pretty much line up, particularly in the front. If you have top teeth that blatantly stick out over your bottom teeth, a condition known as an overbite, or your bottom teeth protrude, a condition known as an underbite, it is important that you get them realigned.

If this condition is left untreated, both underbites and overbites can make chewing and biting grom increasingly harder to do the older you get. 

You Are Unable to Close Your Mouth Completely

Oftentimes, when your back teeth, known as molars, are out of alignment, or they are too big, it will make it virtually impossible for you to make your front teeth meet. This can make it difficult or impossible to bring your front teeth together.  

This is a real problem because this kind of open bite could cause several different problems, all of which will get worse as you age. 

You Have Teeth That Stick Out

Protruding teeth are one of the most common and most noticeable indications that you need to see an orthodontist. Protruding teeth, usually referred to as buck teeth, occur when you have one or more teeth that, instead of pointing down, extend straight out instead. 

Based on the severity of the protrusion, you might be dealing with a small cosmetic matter. It could also cause unsanitary and very painful issues, such as the protruding teeth slicing into your cheeks, gums, or lips.

San Diego Area Dentistiry

At McBride Dental, we want to help you and your family do everything possible to have and preserve healthy teeth and gums. By scheduling regular appointments with your California family dentist and practicing the oral care techniques we teach you, your whole family will easily maintain teeth that are healthy, strong, and effective.

The San Marcos offices of Dr. Michael McBride are staffed with reputable, professional San Diego dentists that are ready to address any concerns you may have regarding common dental procedures, as well as preventative, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry. We also provide sedation dentistry treatments as an option for our patients with severe dental anxiety.

It is our job to help you and your family establish healthy dental habits to make sure that your teeth will always be there when you need them and your smile will always look great.

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