Six Reasons Why Gums Bleed

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Six Reasons Why Gums Bleed

When your gums are bleeding this is not normal or healthy and usually indicates that there is an oral health issue that should be addressed. Bleeding gums can mean oral health problems but they can also be caused by other detrimental health conditions. And, to get treatment, the reason why gums are bleeding must be identified.

If your gums are swollen, sore, or are bleeding you can come in and see Dr. McBride a San Diego dentist for an exam. Dr. McBride has more than three decades of experience helping patients in the greater San Diego area identify and treat various oral health conditions and Dr. McBride can help you too with your dental health questions and issues.

Reasons Why the Gums May Bleed

6 Reasons Why Gums BleedThere is not just one reason that gums bleed although, this is most often the sign that gum disease may be present. The following reasons could be behind why your gums are bleeding:

Daily Activities 

In the least severe or detrimental cases, daily activities could be causing occasional bleeding in the mouth. Perhaps you are an aggressive brusher or if you are a denture wearer and your dentures need an adjustment to better fit your mouth. These things can cause bleeding but a patient shouldn’t be too concerned here.

Gum Disease

When the gums are inflamed and infected, you may have gingivitis or periodontitis. This condition is painful and causes unsightly puffy-looking red gums that can also bleed. Without treatment, the infection can persist and cause tooth loss and destruction to the gums.

Lack of Adequate Vitamin C and K

If your diet is deficient in vitamins C and K, then your gums may be susceptible to bleeding. Adjusting your diet or taking supplementation may help.


Pregnant women experience great hormone fluctuations in their bodies. As a result, one of the symptoms is more sensitive gums that can bleed. So if you are meticulous with your oral health care routine and are experiencing bleeding gums, if you are pregnant this could be why.

Bleeding Disorders

Common disorders that can cause bleeding in the gums can include hemophilia and leukemia.


Certain medications can cause blood to thin and may also lead to bleeding gums. Aspirin is one of them.

Speak to a San Marcos Dentist

If you are unsure why your gums are bleeding, it is best to see the San Marcos gum disease treatment dentist at McBride Dental. Should treatment be necessary, you can start securing that treatment to help get the healing process started. Then, always make sure you are following a solid oral health care maintenance routine at home with gentle brushing with soft bristles, flossing, and mouthwash.

Bleeding gums can be painful and alarming. However, they could be treated and your mouth can heal. Potentially, changing up your oral healthcare routine to better brush your teeth and keep them clean can go a long way to subduing harmful plaque build-up that can cause gum disease. For more information regarding bleeding gums and treatment options, please call the San Marcos dentist at McBride Dental to schedule a free consultation or a professional dental cleaning and examination at (760) 471-100.

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