The Importance of a Full Dental Exam When You Have a Toothache

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Toothaches can make you miserable, but like all pain, it makes us aware that there is something wrong. Some toothaches are caused by non-dental problems, such as a sinus infection, but more often than not, tooth pain is an indication that it is time to schedule an appointment with your dental professional. 

Why Do I Have a Toothache? 

The Importance of a Full Dental Exam When You Have a Toothache

Toothaches can have many different causes. They can be the result of infection around or in your tooth, tooth decay, bruxism, or even a broken tooth. Toothaches can also produce different kinds of pain. Your tooth pain could be a dull throbbing, or sharp, stabbing pain. It can be constant or sporadic. Many people may only notice the pain when they apply pressure to the affected tooth, such as when they are brushing their teeth or eating. 

Toothaches that are linked to oral infections in your gums or teeth may also result in inflammation, headaches, fevers, or tooth drainage. If the infection is left untreated, your toothache could cause additional health problems that involve more than just your mouth. 

When Does My Toothache Require a Dental Visit?

Some people manage tooth pain with home remedies or store-bought medicines, which occasionally does the job. If your tooth pain is the result of an underlying oral health issue, however, no folk remedy is going to effectively and permanently resolve the issue and your tooth pain will eventually return. Your toothache most likely requires a visit to your dental professional if:

  • You have tooth pain that persists for longer than three or four days, you need to make an appointment with your dentist because this usually indicates a serious problem. 
  • Severe or persistent pain is also a good reason to visit your dentist.
  • An earache, fever, or pain in your jaw when your mouth is open are all symptoms of a more serious issue. 

What Should I Expect at My Dentist Appointment?

Scheduling a dental check-up to determine the cause of your toothache is a major step towards resolving the issue. You should be prepared to give your dentist your full medical history and give them as many details as you can about the pain you are experiencing. This information, combined with a full examination will allow your dentist to learn the cause and scope of the issue.

At McBride Dental, we want to help you and your family do everything possible to have and preserve healthy teeth and gums. By scheduling regular appointments with your California family dentist and practicing the oral care techniques we teach you, your whole family will easily maintain teeth that are healthy, strong, and effective.

The San Marcos offices of Dr. Michael McBride are staffed with reputable, professional San Diego area dentists that are ready to address any concerns you may have regarding common dental procedures, as well as preventative, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry. 

It is our job to help you and your family establish healthy dental habits to make sure that your teeth will always be there when you need them and your smile will always look great.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a San Marcos dentist, please give us a call at (760) 471-1003 and speak with a trained member of our dental staff today.


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